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Troubleshooting Tips#

If you are having any issue using the menu, please follow these steps carefully before asking for help in the Discord server.

Quick Reminders
  • 2Take1 requires GTA to be run in DirectX 11.
  • Make sure you have no graphical mods installed, such as ENBseries.
  • The menu will not work on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Compatibility with Windows 11, cloud PCs, virtual machines or other operating systems is not guaranteed either.
  • If your issue occurs while you are using Lua scripts or co-loading other menus along with 2Take1, try again without using them.

Setup Issues#

Issues during setup or injection (error messages, game crashing on injection, etc)
  • Make sure your antivirus or any real-time protection software (including Windows Defender) isn't blocking anything.
  • Make sure your Windows user has Administrator privileges.
  • Make sure no overlays are enabled, including Discord, Steam, Xbox Game Bar or NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  • Make sure you have all the correct redistributables installed.
  • Make sure that the 2Take1Menu files are not located in your Desktop or in a folder that syncs to a cloud service, such as OneDrive.
  • Make sure that your Windows username does not contain special characters (such as letters with tildes or Russian/Chinese symbols).
  • Perform an integrity check of the game files and make sure no additional stuff is placed there.
  • If you have changed the privileges for the GTA processes, restart your PC. Otherwise, it will not work properly.
  • If you are using Rivatuner, make sure the detection level is set to low or none.

If these steps do not work, delete all the menu files (including the %appdata%\PopstarDevs folder) and re-download the menu.

The Popstar Launcher is crashing or connecting infinitely

Open a CMD console with admin privileges and run the following command:

net stop npf

There is not an Inject button in the Popstar launcher
  • Update the game using Steam, RGL or EGL.
  • Perform an integrity check of the game files.
  • Reinstall the game, if none of the above works.
Authentication failed: Unknown error: deadbeef

The launcher is having issues to connect with the auth server. Make sure you are using the latest version of the menu and check your connection status.

Gameplay Bugs#

The Vehicle Spawner shows weird characters

Set the Renderer to FW1, uninject the menu, and then inject it back.

A Lua script is not working after an update

The Lua API is usually updated along with the menu. If the API receives any changes, you may have to update your script to the new functions.
If you are not the developer of the script, ask them to do it.

The menu is moving on its own

This happened because you were holding Shift while pressing a menu key. Release Shift and press the key that the menu thinks that you are pressing, and it should be still again.

In order to prevent this, set the Input Method to RAW.

I cannot enter in a spawned vehicle, or it keeps disappearing

Enable Despawn Bypass and Bypass MP Vehicle Kick in the Spawner Settings.

When I drive close to a player, I get kicked out of my personal vehicle and it respawns away from me

This happens when you are spoofing your SCID.

When you are spoofing, other players will notice that your (spoofed) SCID does not match the SCID of the owner of the vehicle, and thus their games will proceed to kick you out. There are many ways to prevent this:

  • Stop spoofing your SCID.
  • Save your vehicle into the Spawner, then spawn it whenever you want.
  • Download the enhanced SEP file and set the Vehicle Kick hook to Block. Note that this will still prevent other players from entering your vehicle.
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