A stable mod menu developed by sub1to, Cynical Bastard (and formerly MikeRohsoft) that has been around since 2017.
2Take1Menu is the successor to an open source project, called subVersion.

From Popstar Devs

Here at Popstar we pride ourselves on having unseen and groundbreaking features, with each menu update adding more for our users to enjoy. We regularly take input from our community through our friendly staff and support team.

Working on GTA Online v1.57

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Why choose 2Take1Menu?

Years of experience

We have extensive knowledge gained from previous projects. 2Take1Menu has been developed and maintained since 2017.

Fastest to update

When a new GTA Online update is released, Popstar Devs usually update 2Take1Menu within the first 24 hours.

Designed to be safe

Every feature in 2Take1Menu undergoes an exhaustive testing phase before becoming public. We boast the lowest ban rate ever.

Tons of features

2Take1Menu packs many custom-made and unique features, in a wide list that grows after every menu update.

Stable from the core

2Take1Menu runs smootly and blends with GTA, fixing some internal elements of the game and even giving a slight performance boost.

Highly customizable

Change every visual aspect of the menu; from the header picture to the text fonts. Set your favorite color and layout for every component of the user interface.

Stay protected

2Take1Menu is equipped with remarkable protections, capable of preventing attacks from any public menu in the market. Let no one ruin your Online experience.

Go even further

Thanks to our unmatched Lua API, you can create custom scripts to expand the functionality of 2Take1Menu with features of your own.

Choose your Edition

2Take1Menu Standard

These are only some of the features in 2Take1Menu...

  • Player and Vehicle Options
  • Vehicle Customizer
  • Model Changer
  • Outfit Manager
  • Custom Outfitter
  • Animations and PTFX
  • Fully customizable Aimbot
  • Weapon Manager and Customizer
  • Weather and Time Control
  • Anti AFK
  • No Clip
  • Remote Features
  • Fully customizable ESP
  • Player Log
  • Lobby Joiner
  • Fake Friends
  • Modder Detection
  • Protections
  • Fully customizable Event Hooks
  • Net Sync Spoofer
  • Casino/Cayo Heist Recovery
  • RP/Unlocks Recovery
  • Fully customizable Stats Editor
  • Vehicle/Ped/Object Spawner
  • Editor Mode

2Take1Menu VIP

Everything in the Standard version, plus...

  • SCID Join
  • Send Griefer Jesus
  • Send Jets
  • Launch Player Vehicle
  • Improved Fake Friends feature
  • Kill Passive Player
  • Player Spoofer
  • Send Text Message
  • Crash Player
  • Infinite Countermeasures
  • Health/Armor/Snack Drops
  • Hijack Player Vehicle
  • Reveal OTR Players
  • Remove Cooldowns
  • Rig Casino Lucky Wheel
  • Trap Player in Stunt Tube
  • Kill Passive Players
  • Glitch Player Vehicle
  • Weapon Loadout
  • Business Manager
  • Entity Spam
  • Send Player Interrupt
  • Force Script Host
  • Mass Player Interrupt
  • Send Invite to Org
  • Invite Yourself to Org
  • Player Model Spoofer
  • Chat Spoofer
  • Improved SCID Spoof Detection
  • Check if Fake Friend is Online
  • Lobby Mission Launcher
  • Join Redirect
  • Block SCID Join Detection

Subscription Plans

40 days


12 EUR


18 EUR

90 days


24 EUR


36 EUR

180 days


42 EUR


65 EUR



76 EUR


120 EUR

Upgrades from Standard to VIP are also possible; check the payment instructions for further information.

Join our Community


Popstar News is our public server, where we will publish announcements and release notes. It is also the gateway to our private server, Popstar Authed, exclusive to paid users.

If you have an active license in your user panel, join the News server and DM our bot sub0to with the following command (using your website credentials):

$auth username:password
Replace username and password with your website credentials

If you are a VIP user and would like to obtain the VIP role, DM sub0to again with the same command, but using $vip instead of $auth.


In our server we will publish announcements and release notes, which are visible for everyone outside of Guilded. Paid users may join the private community by filling an application.

If you have an active license in your account, access your user panel and copy your token. This token will only be used by the staff team to verify your license and cannot be used to log into your account.

Once you have your token, paste it in the corresponding field of the application form, then wait for the staff to review your application. If you are a VIP user, they will also give you the corresponding role.

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