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Player Spoofer⚓︎

2Take1 lets you mask your game information and stats using fake details. While this feature will not modify your real details, other players in your lobby will see the spoofed (faked) information of your character.

You can use this to impersonate other players, or to simply protect your privacy in a public lobby. 2Take1 is also able to see through spoofs from most menus in the market.

Spoofer Overview⚓︎

Currently, 2Take1 is able to spoof the following information:

  • Global level (RP)

    You can spoof your RP to any value, even above 8000. Note that this will not unlock items, such as weapons or clothing.

  • Kill-Death Ratio (KDR)

    Note that spoofing this value will not alter your current kills and deaths.

  • Money

    You can spoof both your wallet money and total money (wallet + bank).

  • Crew Tag

    Spoofing the tag will not spoof the actual Crew you belong to, although it will only be visible for others. You can spoof your Crew tag even when you are not in a Crew, and if you are, and it will not leak your real Crew if you are in one. Up to 4 alphanumeric characters.

  • Rockstar Developer flag

    Toggling this flag will let you trick other modders into thinking that you are a Rockstar Developer.

  • Host Token

    This is an hexadecimal value that identifies your client in the peer connection. Editing this value is an effective way to force yourself as session host of the lobby (more information below).

Beware of Rockstar Admins!

  • True Rockstar employees in your lobby are able to see through your spoofed information by using special tools. Try to avoid them at all costs while you are spoofing.

Host Token⚓︎

When you join GTA Online, your game generates a token that identifies your client in the peer-to-peer network. Besides its technical purpose, GTA Online uses the host token of the players in a lobby in order to decide which one will become Session Host. Players with higher tokens are placed last in the queue.

If you spoof your token to a very low value (preferably 0 or 1) and join an online lobby, you will be placed 2nd in the host queue. Then, if you kick or crash the current session host, you will take their place right away. This will let you host kick any player, or block join requests to your lobby.

Using the Spoofer⚓︎




Setting a Profile⚓︎

2Take1's spoofer uses profiles, which work as "fake identities" (not to be confused with menu profiles). You may have any number of profiles created, but only one of them will become active (and thus ready to be used by the spoofer). In order to use the spoofer, you must have at least one profile.

  1. Create a profile by selecting Add Profile and typing a name. This name will become the spoofed username.
  2. Locate the profile to see its details in the Selected window.
  3. In order to add or edit other details, move left/right to locate that detail and select it.
  4. Once your profile is ready (you can preview it in the Selected window), move left/right and select Enable. Then, your profile details will be written into the Current window.

Should you want to create additional profiles, repeat these steps, and select Enable on the profile that you want. You can also delete unwanted profiles.

Choosing Details to Spoof⚓︎

2Take1 lets you select what details from your profile will be used for the spoofer. One possible use case for this behavior would be the following:

You have created a profile with all its details. However, you join a lobby with some friends, and you want them to see your real username and level. Instead of creating a separate profile for this scenario, you can unmark the username and level. Your profile will be unchanged, but the fake username and level will not be used.

You can mark which details you want to use in the Options submenu. If you enable a detail that is not in your profile, it will be spoofed to a predefined value. In this submenu, you can also set a XY offset for the location of the Current and Selected windows, if you want.

Enabling the Spoofer⚓︎

Once you have enabled your desired profile (the Current window should be filled), and selected which fake info to use, enable the spoofer and join a new online lobby to apply it. If you want to use another profile or stop using the feature, disable the spoofer and follow all the steps above, then join a new lobby again.

In order to spoof your host token, you must enable the spoofer in Single Player mode, and then join online. If you want to stop spoofing your token, leave GTA Online and disable the spoofer in SP, then join online again. Do NOT disable the spoofer or uninject the menu while online, otherwise your game will crash!