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Miscellaneous Options⚓︎

Mobile Radio⚓︎

You are able to listen to the radio even if you are not in a vehicle. You can bring up the station wheel as you do while driving.

Freeze Radio⚓︎

The radio is locked to a specific station, or permanently turned off. This will only work if you are the driver or a passenger that has control over the radio.

Disable Scripted Music⚓︎

Disable the soundtrack that plays during certain missions or heists.

Anti AFK⚓︎

Prevent the game from kicking you out of the lobby due to inactivity. If you want to minimize the window and use other programs while still playing the game, make sure your display option is "Windowed" or "Windowed borderless" and that the "Pause Game on Focus Loss" option is disabled in the game settings.

Disable Cam Shake⚓︎

Disable the camera shake that occurs during explosions and other events. This also removes some weapons' sway effect.

Disable Idle Cam⚓︎

Disable the idle camera that looks around after 30 seconds of AFK time.

Show Vehicle Stat Cards⚓︎

Display a card above every nearby vehicle showing the name, brand and basic stats (speed, acceleration, brakes and traction).

Interior Freedom⚓︎

You can run, jump or use weapons when you are in an interior. Be aware that you will be kicked out of nightclubs if you hold a weapon inside. If you have set your nightclub as online spawn location, there is a chance that you will get stuck in an infinite black screen due to this issue; either disable interior freedom until you have spawned, or choose another location.

Disable Profanity Filter⚓︎

You can use blacklisted words in the lobby chat without being censored.

Skip Cutscene⚓︎

Omit the cutscene that you are currently going through.

No Clip⚓︎

Move your character freely, clipping through everything. You can use it either on foot or in a vehicle; the latter will make your vehicle "fly". You can also set the speed of movement.

There are two modes of No Clip:

  • Keyboard – Move through global axis, entirely using the keyboard.
  • Cam – Move through relative axis, using your keyboard and mouse (XY axis are relative to the camera).

The default keybinds are:

  • W – Front
  • S – Back
  • A – Left
  • D – Right
  • Left Shift – Up
  • Left Ctrl – Down

Free Camera⚓︎

Manipulate a detached camera which you can move anywhere.


  • Mouse / Right analog stick to move aroud.
  • WASD / Left analog stick to move the camera on the XY plane.
  • Jump button to move the camera up in the Z axis.
  • Duck button / exit vehicle button to move the camera down in the Z axis.
  • Sprint button (hold) to move the camera faster.
  • Change camera button to teleport to the camera and exit.
  • Pause button to exit the camera without teleporting.


  • Default Exit Action – Choose whether to teleport to the camera when you toggle it off via the menu.
  • Hide Minimap – Hide the minimap while the camera is active.
  • Movement Speed – Change the speed at which the camera moves.
  • Sprint Multiplier – Change how much the camera speed increases while holding the Sprint button.
  • Look Speed – Adjust the sensitivity of the camera while looking around.
  • Field Of View – Adjust the zoom of the camera.


Every light in the city is switched off. This feature only works locally, so other players will not notice it.

Chaos Mode⚓︎

Wreak havoc with peds, vehicles and objects in the game. The following modes are available:

  • Bounce – entities perform little hops.
  • Ascention – entities are boosted upwards at high speeds.
  • Armageddon – entities are boosted in random directions.
  • Mayhem – several explosions spawn constantly around you.
  • Forcefield – nearby entities are boosted away from you.
  • Gravity Field – entities lose their gravity and float towards you.
  • Smash – entities are violently boosted towards buildings or the ground.
  • Massacre – nearby peds are killed.
  • Energy Field – nearby vehicles, lights and electronic devices are shut down.

Rainbow Traffic⚓︎

Loop the paint job and neon colors of all nearby vehicles.

Black Hole⚓︎

Spawn an invisible black hole where you are, attracting nearby entities and wreaking havoc. You can set its duration in seconds.

No Water⚓︎

Remove all water bodies from the game, draining oceans, rivers and swimming pools. This feature only works locally, so other players will not notice it.

Drive to Waypoint⚓︎

Enable an autopilot that drives your vehicle to a waypoint, following the marked route. You will lose the controls of the vehicle while the waypoint remains, although you can shoot. This feature will not work with vehicles that do not display a GPS route, such as boats or aircraft.

Walking Animation⚓︎

Swap your walking animation to one of the following:

  • Balistic
  • Lamar Alley
  • Female Fast Runner
  • Garbageman
  • Jimmy
  • Female Flee
  • Female Scared
  • Female Sexy
  • Lester
  • Lester Cane Up
  • Injured
  • Bag
  • Brave
  • Casual
  • Moderate Drunk
  • Slightly Drunk
  • Very Drunk
  • Male Fire
  • Gangster E
  • Gangster F
  • Gangster I
  • Jog
  • Prison Guard
  • One
  • One Briefcase
  • Zero Janitor
  • Zero Slow
  • Bucket
  • Crouched
  • Mop
  • Male Femme
  • Female Femme
  • Male Gangster
  • Female Gangster
  • Male Posh
  • Female Posh
  • Tough Male
  • Tough Female

Disable Phone Calls⚓︎

Stop your phone from ringing at all. You can enable it while either typing, aiming, typing and aiming, or always. Keep in mind that you will not be able to make phone calls while this feature is enabled.

FOV Changer⚓︎

Set a custom field of view, allowing you to change how much you can see around you. You can set different FOVs for:

  • Third person
  • First person (neutral)
  • First person (stealth)
  • First person (aiming)
  • First person (aiming with sights)
  • First person (driving)