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SOAB ASI Loader⚓︎

SOAB (Stepped On A Bee) is a custom ASI loader, developed by the 2Take1 DEVs, made available for free and for everyone. It is an alternative to the now stale ScriptHookV and will receive continuous updates.


Install ASI Scripts⚓︎

Place your ASI scripts in either of these directories

  • <gta directory>
  • <gta directory>\plugins
  • %appdata%\PopstarDevs\ScriptHook

Set up SOAB⚓︎

There are two ways to get SOAB to work on GTA V: Standalone and Integration.

Standalone mode⚓︎

In standalone mode, SOAB will scan for *.asi scripts and load all of them at once.

Place the mdsoab.dll and dinput8.dll files in your GTA directory (where gta5.exe is located), and restart the game if it was already running. As an alternative, you can inject mdsoab.dll into the GTA5 process with Cheat Engine or similar programs.

Note that SOAB, when used standalone, is incompatible with GTA Online and may only be used in Single Player mode. If you want to play online, make sure you remove both DLLs from the GTA directory.

Patching scripts

SOAB will "patch" all the ASI scripts it loads, in order to adapt them to its internal functionality. These patched scripts may become incompatible with other ASI loaders.

All of your scripts will be automatically backed up before being patched by SOAB.

Integration with 2Take1⚓︎

As per version 2.59.0, 2Take1 is interoperable with SOAB. For this integration to work, you must place mdsoab.dll in your 2Take1 launcher directory (where Launcher.exe is located). dinput8.dll is not needed for this procedure and, if present in your GTA directory, must be deleted.

The integration mode provides a number of advantages over the standalone mode:

  • ASI scripts can be used in GTA Online1.
  • You can load and unload scripts selectively.
  • SOAB will bypass any built-in online checks in the scripts.

If you choose to use SOAB alongside 2Take1, there are a few things to keep in mind...

  • Do NOT use SOAB standalone if you intend to use 2Take1 too.
  • Some scripts, such as Menyoo, may require additional assets in order to work. It is recommended that you place them inside the GTA directory; ASI scripts could not be able to recognise any assets placed in %appdata%\PopstarDevs\ScriptHook\.
  • If 2Take1 is unable to inject SOAB (for example, because the file is missing or it has a different name), you must restart the Popstar launcher (as well as the game) if you want to inject SOAB after fixing any issues.


SOAB has been developed by the 2Take1 DEVs, but it is NOT related to 2Take1Menu. We may not be held responsible for any form or damage caused by SOAB.

  1. ASI scripts are generally designed with Single Player mode in mind. Even though SOAB can bypass any online checks that the developer coded into the script, some ASI scripts might still have unintended behaviour or outright crash the game if loaded on GTA Online.