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Outfit Manager⚓︎

Shared Outfits

Our Discord server allows members to share their outfits.

Download an outfit from the sharing channel and copy it to the moddedOutfits folder. If the folder does not exist, create it yourself.

More information below

With 2Take1Menu you can have a "mobile wardrobe" with all your favourite outfits. This feature works as an enhanced version of the built-in outfits feature of the Interaction menu, with many perks over it:

  • GTA can only save up to 20 outfits. With 2Take1, outfits are unlimited.
  • GTA requires you to be in a wardrobe or a clothing shop to store outfits, and doesn't generally let you change your outfit during a mission. 2Take1 lets you do it on the fly, with the press of a button, even during a heist.
  • GTA will not save outfits with blacklisted items, such as Christmas items or duffel bags. 2Take1 does not have those restrictions.

You can save as many outfits as you want (both for male and female characters), import and export them for sharing with other people.

Default Outfits⚓︎

2Take1 includes these outfits by default, which you can apply at any time:

  • Santa Claus
  • Dustman Green
  • Dustman Orange
  • Police Officer1

Custom Outfits⚓︎

In order to save your current outfit, go to Local Tab → Outfits → Saved, and select Save. After typing a name for the outfit, it will show in this menu. You can come back at any time to apply an outfit from your inventory.

Outfits are stored as INI files in the following directory. You can rename or delete the files in order to rename or remove outfits from the menu.


If you add or remove outfits while 2Take1 is running, you will have to uninject the menu and then inject it back in order to refresh the outfits index. Besides, outfits created for a male character will not work correctly in female characters, and vice versa.

  1. This is a blacklisted outfit. If you try to save it to the Interaction menu, it will be reverted when you join a new lobby.