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Vehicle Options⚓︎

Vehicle Godmode⚓︎

The engine of your vehicle becomes immune to damage, which will prevent it from smoking or exploding. Certain vital parts from aircraft, such as wings (but not the blades), will also be protected from breaking apart. However, your engine will still die if the vehicle is submerged into water (unless you enable Keep It Running).

Vehicle Demi-Godmode⚓︎

The engine of your vehicle is repaired whenever it takes a certain threshold of damage. Unlike Godmode, your vehicle will still explode if the engine takes lethal damage, such as receiving an explosion that its armor cannot withstand or getting crushed by a tank tread.

[Auto] Repair⚓︎

Your vehicle is reset when enabled and any kind of damage is reverted. You can leave this feature always enabled, which will repair your vehicle whenever it takes a certain threshold of damage. Keep in mind that vehicles with moving parts will have them reset too; for example, the Rhino cannon will aim forward, and the Hydra will switch back to vertical mode.

Keep It Running⚓︎

The engine of your vehicle stays turned on at all times, even after being submerged. You can combine this feature with setting your gravity to the max value, which will let you drive underwater. However, this feature will not work with aircraft, and drowning a personal vehicle will always mark it as destroyed.

[Performance] Upgrade⚓︎

Sets every customization of the vehicle to its highest value, which is usually the best and/or most expensive. If Performance Upgrade is used, only the features that have an impact on the stats of the vehicle are upgraded.

Flip Vehicle⚓︎

Your vehicle is flipped upright by resetting its roll rotation.

Stick to Ground⚓︎

Your wheels stay on the ground at all times. This will have a heavy inpact in handling, especially on irregular roads.

Super Drive⚓︎

Boost your vehicle forward (hold W) or backward (hold S), allowing you to reach high speeds in either direction. You can change the intensity of the boost.

Horn Jump/Boost⚓︎

Hold your horn key/button to boost your vehicle forward or upwards. You can change the intensity of either boost..

Boost Vehicle⚓︎

Boost your vehicle forward once. You can change the intensity before triggering the feature.

Stop Vehicle⚓︎

Drop the vehicle speed to 0 in order to stop it in place.

Invisible Vehicle⚓︎

Your vehicle becomes invisible for everyone. The peds inside will still be visible, including yourself.

Rainbow Vehicle⚓︎

Loop the paint job and neon colors of your vehicle. You can set the speed at which colors will loop.


Change the resilience of your vehicle upon impact with objects or other vehicles.


Change the torque of your vehicle while accelerating.

Up-Shift Rate⚓︎

Change the speed at which your vehicle will shift gear while accelerating.

Brake Force⚓︎

Change the effectiveness of the brakes in your vehicle.


Change the grip of your tires and their likelihood to drift while accelerating, steering or driving uphill. This feature could make certain vehicles overturn.

Suspension Force⚓︎

Change the rigidity of the suspension in your vehicle.


Change gravity, which will alter the mass, acceleration, braking force, traction and momentum of your vehicle.

Instant Boost Recharge⚓︎

The boost of the following vehicles is refilled right after being used:

  • LF-22 Starling
  • Oppressor
  • Oppressor Mk II
  • Rocket Voltic
  • Scramjet
  • Toreador
  • Vigilante

Prevent Lock-On⚓︎

Your vehicle cannot be targeted by homing missiles from players. However, it will not block missiles that are already on their way or that were fired by NPCs.

Infinite Rockets/Countermeasures⚓︎

Disable the capacity limit for vehicle-equipped missiles and aircraft countermeasures, allowing you to shoot them indefinitely. This feature will not work if you have already run out of missiles or flares/chaff.

No Plane Turbulence⚓︎

Disable the turbulence that most aircraft experience while flying.

Change License⚓︎

Change the text of the license plate to whatever you want. You can use up to eight alphanumeric characters.

No Collision⚓︎

Your vehicle clip through everything, even the ground. However, be careful with water bodies and death walls.

Mark Vehicle⚓︎

Show an icon for your current vehicle on your radar. The icon will remain as long as the vehicle does not despawn.

Convertible Roof⚓︎

Toggle up/down the roof of convertible cars. This feature works on any car that can get its roof removed, either through customizations or cabrio systems.

Vehicle Abilities⚓︎

Toggle various flags for your vehicle, which are present in some special vehicles:

  • Parachute (Ruiner 2000)
  • Flip Ramp (Ramp Buggy)
  • Boost (Rocket Voltic, Oppressor, etc.)
    • Boost settings are available (capacity, speed, and instant recharge)
  • Jump (Ruiner 2000, Scramjet, Arena vehicles)
  • Underwater Driving


Control the lights of your vehicle. You can toggle on/off the side indicator lights, as well as the rear position lights.

Door Control⚓︎

Open individual doors of your vehicle or shut them all. You can also lock your doors, which will prevent anyone (including the occupants of the vehicle) from opening them.

Global Xenon Colors⚓︎

Change the color of xenon lights for all the vehicles you enter.

Vehicle Mods⚓︎

Customize your vehicle on the go.

  • Modifications – Change any component of the vehicle, as if you were in Los Santos Customs. Most mod categories and items will be displayed in your game language.
  • Extras – Toggle suplementary components of certain vehicles, such as the spoiler of the Infernus or the emergency lights of police cars.
  • Plate color – Change the color of the license plate. Besides the five colors that can be set in LSC, you can also use a sixth North Yankton theme.
  • Additional mods – Toggle turbo upgrade and bulletproof tires, as well as custom tire smoke, neon and xenon lights.
  • Custom colors – Change the colors of your vehicle to any color of the game palette, or set your own colors with RGB sliders. You can set individual colors for the paint job (matte and pearlescent included), tire smoke, neon lights and xenon headlights.
  • Window tint – Change the tint of your windows, even for vehicles that normally do not let you change them.