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Weapon Options#

Infinite Ammo#

Lets you shoot your weapons without consuming ammunition. This feature will not affect vehicle weapons; use Infinite Rockets instead.

No Reload#

Allows you to shoot your weapon without ever needing to reload. However, it will not work in the following weapons:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Homing Launcher
  • Firework Launcher
  • Stun Gun
  • Up-n-Atomizer

Quick Reload#

Make your weapons reload almost instantly after depleting the clip.

No Spin-Up#

Lets you shoot Gatling weapons without waiting for the barrels to start spinning. Weapons affected by this feature are the minigun, the widowmaker, and most vehicle-mounted Gatling weapons.

Rapid Fire#

Removes the delay between shots when a weapon is fired semi-automatically (tapping the trigger). This feature works best with shotguns, revolvers and sniper rifles. However, it will be ineffective if you are in stealth stance.

Explosive Ammo#

Makes the bullets of your weapon explode on impact. You can choose standard explosive rounds, or any other type of explosion. This feature also affects vehicle-mounted machine guns.

Fire Ammo#

Makes bullets set the target on fire. This feature also affects vehicle-mounted machine guns.

Weapon Management#

Allows you to give yourself any weapon, or remove it from your inventory. Weapons will be arranged by category and displayed in your game language. Any weapon you give or remove will be reverted as soon as you join a new lobby (with the exception of some melee weapons). Also, if you already own a Mk II weapon, you cannot use its regular version.

Weapon Loadout#

Lets you hide some of your weapons from the weapon wheel, without actually removing them.

Weapon Attachments#

Allows you to customize the weapon that you are holding. Tints and attachments will vary depending on the weapon.

[Auto] Refill Ammo#

Sets maximum ammunition for all your weapons. You can leave this feature always enabled as well.

Mass Gravity Gun#

Allows you to move pedestrians, vehicles and objects around.

  1. Aim with your weapon to move around a gravitational object and attract nearby entities to it.
  2. Change the distance and the pull strength of the object as you wish.
  3. Stop aiming to drop the entities, or shoot to boost the away.

Teleport Gun#

Teleports your character wherever you shoot. The bullet must actually hit a target.

Vehicle Gun#

Shoots an Adder supercar in the direction where you are aiming.

Drive By With Two Handed Weapons#

Allows you to shoot from a vehicle using weapons that are held with two hands, such as carbines and rocket launchers.

Drive By From Any Automobile#

Lets you shoot from ground vehicles that normally restrict user weapons, such as weaponized cars.

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