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Player Options⚓︎


Your character becomes completely immune to damage. You will still receive damage from the nerve gas in the Casino Heist vault, and also from crashing towards a building at high speeds while in a vehicle.


Your character's health is replenished whenever you take damage. Unlike Godmode, this feature will not protect you from lethal damage, such as explosions.

Quick Regeneration⚓︎

Your health is refilled by an amount every second. Possible values range between 1 and 25.

Give Health⚓︎

Your health and armour are refilled instantly when the feature is toggled.

[Auto] Clean⚓︎

Your ped is cleaned and all bruises, scars and blood marks disappear. You can leave this feature always enabled, in order to prevent any visual damage to your ped.

Wanted Level⚓︎

You can set a number of wanted level stars (or lose cops by setting it to 0). Be aware that you could recover your whole wanted level if you commit any crime during the first minutes after altering your level.

No Wanted (Lawless Mode)⚓︎

Your wanted level is locked at 0, which prevents the Police and Army from chasing you. Be aware that you could get a high wanted level if you commit many crimes before disabling the feature.

Set Mental State⚓︎

Set your player's mental state. This affects the color of your blip on the map.

Invisible Ped⚓︎

Your ped becomes invisible for every other player, along with its clothing and weapons. Use the Player Visible Locally feature right below, in order to be able to see your own ped (only in GTA Online).

Anti NPC⚓︎

Any NPC that harms you will die instantly. This feature will not work if Godmode is enabled, since you cannot take damage; use Demi-Godmode instead.

Super Run⚓︎

While you hold Left Shift, your ped will be boosted forward. You can change the intensity of the boost.

Run Speed⚓︎

Increase your speed while walking and dashing. You can change the intensity of this feature.

Swim Speed⚓︎

Increase your speed while swimming and diving. You can change the intensity of this feature.

Super Jump⚓︎

Increase your jump height, in a similar way to the Beast from the Freemode event.

Super Flight⚓︎

Once enabled, hold Space to boost youself upwards, and lean in the direction you want to move. Remember to open the parachute before landing.

Explosive Melee⚓︎

Your punches and other melee attacks will generate a small explosion upon impact.


You will be glued to your motorcycle and will not fall off if you crash towards something. There is a small chance that you could fall off if you are upside down on the ground, but this depends on the bike.

No Ragdoll⚓︎

Stops you from entering the Ragdoll state, which will let you stand on a moving vehicle without falling off or climb a slope without rolling down, among other perks.

Infinite Stamina⚓︎

Your character will be able to sprint, swim or cycle indefinitely without getting exhausted.

Clone Bodyguard⚓︎

Your ped creates a clone of itself and equips it with an AP Pistol. This clone will follow you, enter your vehicle and shoot at any player or NPC that attacks you. You can have up to 7 bodyguards simultaneously.

Tiny Player⚓︎

Your ped becomes small, although only you will be able to notice the effects of this feature.

Damage Modifiers⚓︎

Multiply the damage dealt with your weapons, as well as with melee attacks (both unarmed and with the weapon itself).

Air Walk⚓︎

Your character will be able to walk on the air at your current height level.

On Fire⚓︎

Your ped will always be burning, even while driving a vehicle (but not while underwater). Make sure you have enabled Godmode or Demi-Godmode, as you will take constant damage. This feature will not work in Single Player.


Kill yourself right away, even if you have Godmode enabled.