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Extra-Sensory Perception⚓︎

2Take1's unmatched ESP feature allows you to locate and see information of other players or NPCs wherever they are, giving you a massive advantage in combat.

  • Enable and customize ESP separately for players and NPCs by setting which and how the info is displayed.
  • Set the maximum distance at which ESP will trace targets, as well as the colors and text size used for the display.
  • Trace all players in your lobby or only some of them (see Track Player).
  • Decide which NPCs will be traced: mission enemies, police, fireman/paramedic, gang members or bodyguards.
  • Use the player ESP features on yourself.
ESP Display For Players For NPCs
Health of the target (as a bar)
Box around the target
Skeleton (bones) of the target
Line from your ped to the target
Direction indicator arrow
Distance to the target
Level of the target
Health of the target (as text)
Wanted Level of the target
Money of the target
Whether the target is a friend
Whether the target is in Godmode