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Online Sevices#

Merryweather Requests#

Request instantaneously certain services from Merryweather, just like you do by calling them:

  • Airstike – Throw a flare, and then a Lazer will bomb the targeted area.
  • Heli Backup – A friendly Buzzard will escort you and attack nearby foes.
  • Heli Pickup – A Maverick will spawn nearby and then fly you to a waypoint.
  • Ammo Drop – An ammo crate will parachute nearby.
  • Minigun – A modified version of the Juggernaut suit will drop, but only with the weapon.

Bull Shark Testosterone#

Trigger the effects of BST right away, even during missions or heists (only in GTA Online). You have to wait for the effects to run out before enabling this feature again.

Enable SecuroServ/MC#

Enable the option to create an Organization or Motorcycle Club in invite-only and friends-only lobbys.


Remove certain cooldowns and punishments:

  • Oppressor Mk II spawn.
  • Easy way out (suicide).
  • Passive mode.
  • CEO ban.
  • VIP works (such as Headhunter).

VIP feature

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