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2Take1Menu Lua API⚓︎

Anything that interacts with RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) should be done from a script thread.

Script threads are created when you pass a callback to menu.add_feature or when you call menu.create_thread.

The feature script threads will run when the feature is activated. Threads created by menu.create_thread will be immediately scheduled for execution.

Feature Types⚓︎

Name Description
parent Parent feature
toggle Toggle feature
action Action feature
value_i Toggle feature with integer value
value_f Toggle feature with float value
slider Toggle feature with slider
value_str Toggle feature with string values
action_value_i Action feature with integer value
action_value_f Action feature with float value
action_slider Action feature with slider
action_value_str Action feature with string values
autoaction_value_i Auto Action feature with integer value
autoaction_value_f Auto Action feature with float value
autoaction_slider Auto Action feature with slider
autoaction_value_str Auto Action feature with string values

Handler Callback Definitions⚓︎

eHandlerResponse feature_script_handler(Feat feat, * data) -- (1)
eHandlerResponse player_feature_script_handler(Feat feat, Player player, * data)

eHandlerResponse feature_d3d_renderer(Feat feat) -- (2)
eHandlerResponse player_feature_d3d_renderer(Feat feat, Player player)
  1. Script handlers are executed in a script thread, and can use RAGE script functions.

    If you want to yield you can call system.wait(i) or system.yield(i).

  2. Render handlers are executed in the d3d thread. You should only use d3d functions from these handlers.

    If you want to return and continue execution on the next frame, you can return HANDLER_CONTINUE.


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property boolean on read/write feature on/off boolean
Property Feat parent readonly
Property Feat[] children readonly Only for parents
Property integer child_count readonly Only for parents
Property integer type readonly
Property integer id readonly IDs will be recycled after the feature is deleted
Property integer|float|nil value read/write feature value
Property integer|float|nil min read/write feature minimum value; readonly for value_str
Property integer|float|nil max read/write feature maximum value; readonly for value_str
Property integer|float|nil mod read/write feature value modifier; readonly for value_str
Property string name read/write
Property function renderer read/write d3d handler
Property boolean hidden read/write show/hide feature
Property * data read/write additional context passed to script handlers
Property string[] str_data read/write only available for value_str types
Property string hint read/write
Method nil toggle()
Method boolean select() select this feature (if its parent is active)
Method nil set_str_data(string[] data) only available for value_str types
Method string[] get_str_data() only available for value_str types
Method string __tostring()


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property Feat[] feats readonly
Property integer id readonly
Property integer parent_id readonly
Property function renderer read/write Make sure you set the renderer with the PlayerFeat function, and not the Feat function. Otherwise the handler will not receive the player id in the second param.
Property boolean on read/write (2)
Property integer|float|nil value read/write (2)
Property integer|float|nil min read/write (1)(2)
Property integer|float|nil max read/write (1)(2)
Property integer|float|nil mod read/write (1)(2)
Property string[] str_data read/write only available for value_str types
Method nil set_str_data(string[] data) only available for value_str types
Method string[] get_str_data() only available for value_str types
  1. These properties are read/write for value_i, value_f and slider, but are readonly for value_str

  2. This properties will expect a single value for setters, but return a table of values from the getters

Feat|nil add_feature(string name, string type, integer|nil parent, function|nil script_handler)⚓︎

Feat|nil add_integrated_feature(string name, string type, Feat parent, function|nil handler)⚓︎

Feat|nil add_integrated_feature_before(string name, string type, Feat sibling, function|nil handler)⚓︎

Feat|nil add_integrated_feature_after(string name, string type, Feat sibling, function|nil handler)⚓︎

bool delete_feature(int id, bool|nil recursive)⚓︎

void set_menu_can_navigate(bool toggle)⚓︎

string get_version()⚓︎

PlayerFeat add_player_feature(string name, string type, integer|nil parent, function|nil script_handler)⚓︎

PlayerFeat get_player_feature(uint32_t i)⚓︎

bool delete_player_feature(uint32_t id)⚓︎

bool is_threading_mode(int mode)⚓︎

Thread create_thread(function callback, *|nil context)⚓︎

bool has_thread_finished(Thread id)⚓︎

bool delete_thread(Thread id)⚓︎

void notify(string message, string|nil title, uint32_t|nil seconds, uint32_t|nil color)⚓︎

void clear_all_notifications()⚓︎

void clear_visible_notifications()⚓︎

bool is_trusted_mode_enabled(int|nil flag)⚓︎

If nil is passed to menu.is_trusted_mode_enabled, it will use LUA_TRUST_STATS | LUA_TRUST_SCRIPT_VARS | LUA_TRUST_NATIVES

When multiple flags are used, all of them have to be on for menu.is_trusted_mode_enabled to return true

int get_trust_flags()⚓︎

Trusted Flags
eTrustedFlags = {
    LUA_TRUST_STATS         = 1 << 0,
    LUA_TRUST_SCRIPT_VARS   = 1 << 1,
    LUA_TRUST_NATIVES       = 1 << 2,
    LUA_TRUST_HTTP          = 1 << 3,
    LUA_TRUST_MEMORY        = 1 << 4,

Feat get_feature_by_hierarchy_key(string key)⚓︎

menu.get_feature_by_hierarchy_key gives access to non-lua features. Do not store these across yields, because the features might be invalid the next tick.

non-lua features do not have access to all Feat members

bool is_open()⚓︎

bool is_window_in_foreground()⚓︎

void exit()⚓︎

Queue the current script for exit. Does not immediately exit all handlers/threads.

Feat[]|nil get_cat_children(string name)⚓︎

Type Definitions⚓︎


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property float x read/write
Property float y read/write
Constructor v2 v2()
Constructor v2 v2(float)
Constructor v2 v2(float, float)
Method v2 __add(v2|v3|float)
Method v2 __sub(v2|v3|float)
Method v2 __mul(v2|v3|float)
Method v2 __div(v2|v3|float)
Method v2 __idiv(v2|v3|float)
Method boolean __eq(v2)
Method boolean __lt(v2)
Method boolean __le(v2)
Method string __tostring()
Method float magnitude(v2|nil)
Method nil normalize()
Method nil rotate(float degrees)
Method nil pos_pixel_to_rel()
Method nil pos_rel_to_pixel()
Method nil size_pixel_to_rel()
Method nil size_rel_to_pixel()


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property float x read/write
Property float y read/write
Property float z read/write
Constructor v3 v3()
Constructor v3 v3(float)
Constructor v3 v3(float, float, float)
Method v3 __add(v2|v3|float)
Method v3 __sub(v2|v3|float)
Method v3 __mul(v2|v3|float)
Method v3 __div(v2|v3|float)
Method v3 __idiv(v2|v3|float)
Method boolean __eq(v3)
Method boolean __lt(v3)
Method boolean __le(v3)
Method string __tostring()
Method float magnitude(v3|nil)
Method nil normalize()
Method nil rotate(v3 rot) performs a linear transformation
Method nil transformRotToDir()
Method nil radToDeg()
Method nil degToRad()
local player_id = player.player_id()
local player_ped = player.get_player_ped(player_id)
local pos = player.get_player_coords(player_id)
local rot = entity.get_entity_rotation(player_ped)
local dir = rot

dir = dir * 4
pos = pos + dir


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property float fMass read/write
Property float fInitialDragCoeff read/write
Property float fDownforceMod read/write
Property v3 vCentreOfMassOffset read/write
Property v3 vInertiaMult read/write
Property float fPercentSubmerged read/write
Property float fBuoyancyConstant read/write
Property float fDriveBiasFront read/write
Property float fDriveBiasRear read/write
Property int btInitialDriveGears read/write
Property float fDriveInertia read/write
Property float fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift read/write
Property float fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift read/write
Property float fInitialDriveForce read/write
Property float fDriveMaxFlatVel read/write
Property float fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel read/write
Property float fBrakeForce read/write
Property float fBrakeBias read/write
Property float fBrakeBiasFront read/write
Property float fBrakeBiasRear read/write
Property float fHandBrakeForce read/write
Property float fSteeringLock read/write
Property float fSteeringLockRatio read/write
Property float fTractionCurveMax read/write
Property float fTractionCurveMaxRatio read/write
Property float fTractionCurveMin read/write
Property float fTractionCurveMinRatio read/write
Property float fTractionCurveLateral read/write
Property float fTractionCurveLateralRatio read/write
Property float fTractionSpringDeltaMax read/write
Property float fTractionSpringDeltaMaxRatio read/write
Property float fLowSpeedTractionLossMult read/write
Property float fCamberStiffnesss read/write
Property float fTractionBiasFront read/write
Property float fTractionBiasRear read/write
Property float fTractionLossMult read/write
Property float fSuspensionForce read/write
Property float fSuspensionCompDamp read/write
Property float fSuspensionReboundDamp read/write
Property float fSuspensionUpperLimit read/write
Property float fSuspensionLowerLimit read/write
Property float fSuspensionRaise read/write
Property float fAntiRollBarForce read/write
Property float fRollCentreHeightFront read/write
Property float fRollCentreHeightRear read/write
Property float fCollisionDamageMult read/write
Property float fWeaponDamageMult read/write
Property float fDeformationDamageMult read/write
Property float fEngineDamageMult read/write
Property float fPetrolTankVolume read/write
Property float fOilVolume read/write
Property float fPetrolConsumptionRate read/write
Property float fSeatOffsetDistX read/write
Property float fSeatOffsetDistY read/write
Property float fSeatOffsetDistZ read/write
Property float fRocketMaxEnergy read/write
Property float fRocketBoostSpeed read/write
Property int strModelFlags read/write
Property int strHandlingFlags read/write
Property int strDamageFlags read/write
Property int AIHandling read/write
Property float fEstimatedMaxFlatVel read/write
Method string __tostring()


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property float fBackEndPopUpCarImpulseMult read/write
Property float fBackEndPopUpBuildingImpulseMult read/write
Property float fBackEndPopUpMaxDeltaSpeed read/write
Property float fToeFront read/write
Property float fToeRear read/write
Property float fCamberFront read/write
Property float fCamberRear read/write
Property float fCastor read/write
Property float fEngineResistance read/write
Property float fMaxDriveBiasTransfer read/write
Property float fJumpForceScale read/write
Property float fIncreasedRammingForceScale read/write
Property float strAdvancedFlags read/write


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property string pattern read/write
Constructor Regex Regex(string)
Method RegexResult search(string subject)
Method string __tostring()


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property integer count readonly
Property string[] matches readonly
Method string __tostring()
local r = Regex("^(test123)")
local s = "test123 abcd 345345"
local m =, s)

if m.count > 0 then
    ui.notify_above_map(m.matches[1], "Lua regex", 140)


Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property string path read/write
Constructor IniParser IniParser(string|nil path)
Method bool read()
Method void write()
Method bool,int|nil get_i(string section, string key)
Method bool set_i(string section, string key, int val)
Method bool,float|nil get_f(string section, string key)
Method bool set_f(string section, string key, float val)
Method bool,bool|nil get_b(string section, string key)
Method bool set_b(string section, string key, bool val)
Method bool,string|nil get_s(string section, string key)
Method bool set_s(string section, string key, string val)
local FMAP = {}
local INI = IniParser("my-script.ini")

local cfeat = function(n)
    local r = menu.add_feature(n, "toggle", 0)
    FMAP[n:gsub('%W','')] = r
    return r

cfeat("Example 1")
cfeat("Example 2")

if INI:read() then
    for k,v in pairs(FMAP) do
        local exists, val = INI:get_b("Toggles", k)
        if exists == true then
            v.on = val

menu.add_feature("Save", "action", 0, function(f)
    menu.notify("Saving...", "My Script")
    for k,v in pairs(FMAP) do
        INI:set_b("Toggles", k, v.on)
Member (Return) Type Name Access Description
Property int[] keys read/write
Method nil push_vk(int vk)
Method boolean push_str(string key)
Method nil pop()
Method nil clear()
Method boolean is_down()
Method boolean is_down_stepped()


Name Type
Player integer
Entity integer
Ped integer
Vehicle integer
Object integer
Group integer
Hash integer
Ptfx integer
Blip integer
Pickup integer
Any integer
Thread integer


true|nil    script_event_hook(Player source, Player target, int[] params, int count) -- (1)

true|nil    net_event_hook(Player source, Player target, int eventId) -- (2)
  1. If the callback returns true the script event will be blocked. Anything else will let the script event pass.

  2. If the callback returns true the net event will be blocked. Anything else will let the net event pass.

Hook Functions⚓︎

int register_script_event_hook(function callback)⚓︎

bool remove_script_event_hook(int id)⚓︎

int register_net_event_hook(function callback)⚓︎

bool remove_net_event_hook(int id)⚓︎


Exit Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string exit
Property integer code readonly

Chat Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string chat
Property integer player readonly
Property integer sender readonly this can be different from player when spoofed
Property string body readonly

Player Join Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string player_join
Property integer player readonly

Player Leave Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string player_leave
Property integer player readonly
Property integer scid readonly
Property string name readonly

Script Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string script
Property integer id readonly
Property integer player readonly
Property int[] params readonly

Modder Event⚓︎

Member Type Name Access Description
Event Name string modder
Property integer player readonly
Property integer flag readonly

Event Functions⚓︎

int add_event_listener(string eventName, function callback)⚓︎

Event listeners should have 1 params, which is the event object

Event listeners are executed from script thread

bool remove_event_listener(string eventName, int id)⚓︎


These functions should only be used from feature renderers, which can be set through the renderer property.

Renderer callbacks are executed from the d3d thread and should not interact directly with RAGE functions.

local d3d_draw = function(feat)
    local pos = v2()

    d3d.draw_rect(pos, v2(.2, .2), 0xFFFF0000)
    d3d.draw_text("test123", pos, v2(), 1.0, 0xFF0000FF, 5)

    if feat.on then
        return HANDLER_CONTINUE

menu.add_feature("d3d renderer", "toggle", 0, nil).renderer = d3d_draw

D3D Functions⚓︎

void draw_text(string text, v2 pos, v2 size, float scale, int color, int flags)⚓︎

eDrawTextFlags = {
    TEXTFLAG_NONE           = 0,
    TEXTFLAG_CENTER         = 1 << 0,
    TEXTFLAG_SHADOW         = 1 << 1,
    TEXTFLAG_VCENTER        = 1 << 2,
    TEXTFLAG_BOTTOM         = 1 << 3,

int register_sprite(string path)⚓︎

void draw_sprite(int id, v2 pos, float scale, float rot, int color)⚓︎

v2 get_sprite_origin(int id)⚓︎

v2 get_sprite_size(int id)⚓︎

void draw_line(v2 start, v2 end, int size, int color)⚓︎

void draw_rect(v2 pos, v2 size, int color)⚓︎

Input Box⚓︎

Input response codes⚓︎

eInputResponse = {
    IR_SUCCESS      = 0,
    IR_PENDING      = 1,
    IR_FAILED       = 2,

Input types⚓︎

eInputType = {
    IT_ASCII        = 0,
    IT_ALPHA        = 1,
    IT_ALPHA_NUM    = 2,
    IT_NUM          = 3,
    IT_NUM_DOT      = 4,
    IT_FLOAT        = 5,


Input Functions⚓︎

int, string get(string title, string default, int len, int type)⚓︎

bool input.is_open()⚓︎


Player Functions⚓︎

Ped get_player_ped(Player player)⚓︎

Player player_id()⚓︎

Ped player_ped()⚓︎

Vehicle|nil player_vehicle()⚓︎

void set_player_model(Hash hash)⚓︎

Group get_player_group(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_female(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_friend(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_playing(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_free_aiming(Player player)⚓︎

Entity get_entity_player_is_aiming_at(Player player)⚓︎

Vehicle get_personal_vehicle()⚓︎

void set_player_visible_locally(Player player, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_local_player_visible_locally(bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_player_as_modder(Player player, int flags)⚓︎

string get_player_name(Player player)⚓︎

int get_player_scid(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_pressing_horn(Player player)⚓︎

int get_player_ip(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_modder(Player player, int mask)⚓︎

bool is_player_god(Player player)⚓︎

int get_player_wanted_level(Player player)⚓︎

int player_count()⚓︎

bool is_player_in_any_vehicle(Player player)⚓︎

v3 get_player_coords(Player player)⚓︎

float get_player_heading(Player player)⚓︎

float get_player_health(Player player)⚓︎

float get_player_max_health(Player player)⚓︎

float get_player_armor(Player player)⚓︎

void set_player_armor(float v)⚓︎

int get_player_from_ped(Ped ped)⚓︎

int get_player_team(Player player)⚓︎

Vehicle get_player_vehicle(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_vehicle_god(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_player_host(Player player)⚓︎

Player get_host()⚓︎

bool is_player_spectating(Player player)⚓︎

Hash get_player_model(Player player)⚓︎

bool send_player_sms(Player player, string msg)⚓︎

bool unset_player_as_modder(Player player, int flags)⚓︎

int get_player_modder_flags(Player player)⚓︎

string get_modder_flag_text(int flag)⚓︎

int get_modder_flag_ends()⚓︎

int add_modder_flag(string text)⚓︎

bool is_player_valid(Player player)⚓︎

int get_player_host_token(Player player)⚓︎

int get_player_host_priority(Player player)⚓︎

void set_player_targeting_mode(int mode)⚓︎

bool can_player_be_modder(Player player)⚓︎

Hash get_player_parachute_model(Player player)⚓︎

void set_player_parachute_model(Player player, Hash model)⚓︎

bool mark_as_modder(Player player, int flag)⚓︎

eModderDetectionFlags = {
    MDF_MANUAL                  = 1 << 0x00,
    MDF_PLAYER_MODEL            = 1 << 0x01,
    MDF_SCID_SPOOF              = 1 << 0x02,
    MDF_INVALID_OBJECT          = 1 << 0x03,
    MDF_INVALID_PED_CRASH       = 1 << 0x04,
    MDF_MODEL_CHANGE_CRASH      = 1 << 0x05,
    MDF_PLAYER_MODEL_CHANGE     = 1 << 0x06,
    MDF_RAC                     = 1 << 0x07,
    MDF_MONEY_DROP              = 1 << 0x08,
    MDF_SEP                     = 1 << 0x09,
    MDF_ATTACH_OBJECT           = 1 << 0x0A,
    MDF_ATTACH_PED              = 1 << 0x0B,
    MDF_NET_ARRAY_CRASH         = 1 << 0x0C,
    MDF_SYNC_CRASH              = 1 << 0x0D,
    MDF_NET_EVENT_CRASH         = 1 << 0x0E,
    MDF_HOST_TOKEN              = 1 << 0x0F,
    MDF_SE_SPAM                 = 1 << 0x10,
    MDF_INVALID_VEHICLE         = 1 << 0x11,
    MDF_FRAME_FLAGS             = 1 << 0x12,
    MDF_IP_SPOOF                = 1 << 0x13,
    MDF_KAREN                   = 1 << 0x14,
    MDF_SESSION_MISMATCH        = 1 << 0x15,
    MDF_SOUND_SPAM              = 1 << 0x16,
    MDF_SEP_INT                 = 1 << 0x17,
    MDF_SUSPICIOUS_ACTIVITY     = 1 << 0x18,
    MDF_CHAT_SPOOF              = 1 << 0x19,

    MDF_ENDS                    = 1 << 0x1A,

Ped Functions⚓︎

bool is_ped_in_any_vehicle(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_group_formation(Ped group, int formation)⚓︎

bool set_ped_as_group_member(Ped ped, int groupId)⚓︎

Group get_ped_group(Ped ped)⚓︎

int get_group_size(int group)⚓︎

float get_ped_health(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_health(Ped ped, float value)⚓︎

bool is_ped_ragdoll(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool is_ped_a_player(Ped ped)⚓︎

Hash get_current_ped_weapon(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_into_vehicle(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int seat)⚓︎

int get_ped_drawable_variation(Ped ped, int group)⚓︎

int get_ped_texture_variation(Ped ped, int group)⚓︎

int get_ped_prop_index(Ped ped, int group)⚓︎

int get_ped_prop_texture_index(Ped ped, int group)⚓︎

bool set_ped_component_variation(Ped ped, int component, int drawable, int texture, int pallette)⚓︎

bool set_ped_prop_index(Ped ped, int component, int drawable, int texture, int unk)⚓︎

void set_ped_can_switch_weapons(Ped ped, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool is_ped_shooting(Ped ped)⚓︎

int get_ped_bone_index(Ped ped, int bone)⚓︎

bool, v3 get_ped_bone_coords(Ped ped, Hash boneId, v3 offset)⚓︎

Hash get_ped_relationship_group_hash(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_ped_relationship_group_hash(Ped ped, Hash hash)⚓︎

Vehicle get_vehicle_ped_is_using(Ped ped)⚓︎

void clear_all_ped_props(Ped ped)⚓︎

int clear_ped_tasks_immediately(Ped ped)⚓︎

void clear_ped_blood_damage(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool is_ped_in_vehicle(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle)⚓︎

bool is_ped_using_any_scenario(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_to_ragdoll(Ped ped, int time1, int time2, int type)⚓︎

bool set_ped_can_ragdoll(Ped ped, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool can_ped_ragdoll(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool, v3 get_ped_last_weapon_impact(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_combat_ability(Ped ped, BYTE ability)⚓︎

float get_ped_max_health(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_ped_max_health(Entity entity, float health)⚓︎

bool resurrect_ped(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_ped_combat_movement(Ped ped, int type)⚓︎

void set_ped_combat_range(Ped ped, int type)⚓︎

void set_ped_combat_attributes(Ped ped, int attr, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_ped_accuracy(Ped ped, int accuracy)⚓︎

Ped create_ped(int type, Hash model, v3 pos, float heading, bool isNetworked, bool unk1)⚓︎

int get_number_of_ped_drawable_variations(Ped ped, int comp)⚓︎

int get_number_of_ped_texture_variations(Ped ped, int comp, int draw)⚓︎

int get_number_of_ped_prop_drawable_variations(Ped ped, int groupId)⚓︎

int get_number_of_ped_prop_texture_variations(Ped ped, int groupId, int drawId)⚓︎

void set_ped_random_component_variation(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_ped_default_component_variation(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_ped_movement_clipset(Ped ped, string szClipset)⚓︎

void reset_ped_movement_clipset(Ped ped, bool unk0)⚓︎

Ped clone_ped(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_config_flag(Ped ped, int flag, int value)⚓︎

bool set_ped_ragdoll_blocking_flags(Ped ped, int flags)⚓︎

bool reset_ped_ragdoll_blocking_flags(Ped ped, int flags)⚓︎

void set_ped_density_multiplier_this_frame(float mult)⚓︎

void set_scenario_ped_density_multiplier_this_frame(float m1, float m2)⚓︎

Ped[] get_all_peds()⚓︎

Group create_group()⚓︎

void remove_group(Group group)⚓︎

void set_ped_as_group_leader(Ped ped, Group group)⚓︎

void remove_ped_from_group(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool is_ped_group_member(Ped ped, Group group)⚓︎

bool set_group_formation_spacing(Group group, float a2, float a3, float a4)⚓︎

bool reset_group_formation_default_spacing(Group group)⚓︎

void set_ped_never_leaves_group(Ped ped, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool does_group_exist(Group group)⚓︎

bool is_ped_in_group(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_create_random_cops(bool t)⚓︎

bool can_create_random_cops()⚓︎

bool is_ped_swimming(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool is_ped_swimming_underwater(Ped ped)⚓︎

void clear_relationship_between_groups(Hash group1, Hash group2)⚓︎

void set_relationship_between_groups(int relation, Hash group1, Hash group2)⚓︎

[...]|nil get_ped_head_blend_data(Ped ped)⚓︎

Returned table:

Type Name
integer shape_first
integer shape_second
integer shape_third
integer skin_first
integer skin_second
integer skin_third
float mix_shape
float mix_skin
float mix_third

bool set_ped_head_blend_data(Ped ped, int shape_first, int shape_second, int shape_third, int skin_first, int skin_second, int skin_third, float mix_shape, float mix_skin, float mix_third)⚓︎

float|nil get_ped_face_feature(Ped ped, uint32_t id)⚓︎

bool set_ped_face_feature(Ped ped, uint32_t id, float val)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_hair_color(Ped ped)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_hair_highlight_color(Ped ped)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_eye_color(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool set_ped_hair_colors(Ped ped, int color, int highlight)⚓︎

bool set_ped_eye_color(Ped ped, int color)⚓︎

bool set_ped_head_overlay(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID, int val, float opacity)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_head_overlay_value(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID)⚓︎

float|nil get_ped_head_overlay_opacity(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID)⚓︎

bool set_ped_head_overlay_color(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID, int colorType, int color, int highlight)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_head_overlay_color_type(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_head_overlay_color(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID)⚓︎

int|nil get_ped_head_overlay_highlight_color(Ped ped, uint32_t overlayID)⚓︎

void set_can_attack_friendly(Ped ped, bool toggle, bool shoot)⚓︎

Hash add_relationship_group(string name)⚓︎

bool does_relationship_group_exist(Hash group)⚓︎

bool remove_relationship_group(Hash group)⚓︎

float|nil get_ped_armor(Ped ped)⚓︎

void set_ped_armor(Ped ped, float v)⚓︎

Vehicle Functions⚓︎

void set_vehicle_tire_smoke_color(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b)⚓︎

Ped get_ped_in_vehicle_seat(Vehicle vehicle, int seat)⚓︎

int get_free_seat(Vehicle vehicle)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_full(Vehicle vehicle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_stolen(Vehicle vehicle, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_color(Vehicle v, BYTE p, BYTE s, BYTE pearl, BYTE wheel)⚓︎

string get_mod_text_label(Vehicle veh, int modType, int modValue)⚓︎

string get_mod_slot_name(Vehicle veh, int modType)⚓︎

int get_num_vehicle_mods(Vehicle veh, int modType)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_mod(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, int modIndex, bool customTires)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_mod(Vehicle vehicle, int modType)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_mod_kit_type(Vehicle vehicle, int type)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_extra(Vehicle veh, int extra, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool does_extra_exist(Vehicle veh, int extra)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_extra_turned_on(Vehicle veh, int extra)⚓︎

void toggle_vehicle_mod(Vehicle veh, int mod, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_bulletproof_tires(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_a_convertible(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool get_convertible_roof_state(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_convertible_roof(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_indicator_lights(Vehicle veh, int index, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_brake_lights(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_can_be_visibly_damaged(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_engine_on(Vehicle veh, bool toggle, bool instant, bool noAutoTurnOn)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_fixed(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_deformation_fixed(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_undriveable(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_on_ground_properly(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_forward_speed(Vehicle veh, float speed)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_number_plate_text(Vehicle veh, string text)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_door_open(Vehicle veh, int doorIndex, bool loose, bool openInstantly)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_doors_shut(Vehicle veh, bool closeInstantly)⚓︎

bool is_toggle_mod_on(Vehicle veh, int index)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_wheel_type(Vehicle veh, int type)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_number_plate_index(Vehicle veh, int index)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_tires_can_burst(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_tire_burst(Vehicle veh, int index, bool onRim, float unk0)⚓︎

int get_num_vehicle_mod(Vehicle veh, int modType)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_engine_running(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_engine_health(Vehicle veh, float health)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_damaged(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_on_all_wheels(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

Vehicle create_vehicle(Hash model, v3 pos, float heading, bool networked, bool alwaysFalse)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_doors_locked(Vehicle vehicle, int lockStatus)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_neon_lights_color(Vehicle vehicle, int color)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_neon_lights_color(Vehicle vehicle)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_neon_light_enabled(Vehicle vehicle, int index, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_neon_light_enabled(Vehicle vehicle, int index, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_density_multipliers_this_frame(float mult)⚓︎

void set_random_vehicle_density_multiplier_this_frame(float mult)⚓︎

void set_parked_vehicle_density_multiplier_this_frame(float mult)⚓︎

void set_ambient_vehicle_range_multiplier_this_frame(float mult)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_rocket_boost_active(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_rocket_boost_active(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_rocket_boost_percentage(Vehicle veh, float percentage)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_rocket_boost_refill_time(Vehicle veh, float refillTime)⚓︎

void control_landing_gear(Vehicle veh, int state)⚓︎

int get_landing_gear_state(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_livery(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_livery(Vehicle veh, int index)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_stopped(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_number_of_passengers(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_max_number_of_passengers(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_model_number_of_seats(Hash modelHash)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_livery_count(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_roof_livery_count(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_model(Vehicle veh, Hash model)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_stuck_on_roof(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_doors_locked_for_player(Vehicle veh, Player player, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool get_vehicle_doors_locked_for_player(Vehicle veh, Player player)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_doors_locked_for_all_players(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_doors_locked_for_non_script_players(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_doors_locked_for_team(Vehicle veh, int team, bool toggle)⚓︎

void explode_vehicle(Vehicle veh, bool isAudible, bool isInvisible)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_out_of_control(Vehicle veh, bool killDriver, bool explodeOnImpact)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_timed_explosion(Vehicle veh, Ped ped, bool toggle)⚓︎

void add_vehicle_phone_explosive_device(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool has_vehicle_phone_explosive_device()⚓︎

void detonate_vehicle_phone_explosive_device()⚓︎

void set_taxi_lights(Vehicle veh, bool state)⚓︎

bool is_taxi_light_on(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_colors(Vehicle veh, int primary, int secondary)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_extra_colors(Vehicle veh, int pearl, int wheel)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_primary_color(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_secondary_color(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_pearlecent_color(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_wheel_color(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_fullbeam(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_custom_primary_colour(Vehicle veh, uint32_t color)⚓︎

uint32_t get_vehicle_custom_primary_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void clear_vehicle_custom_primary_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_primary_colour_custom(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_custom_secondary_colour(Vehicle veh, uint32_t color)⚓︎

uint32_t get_vehicle_custom_secondary_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void clear_vehicle_custom_secondary_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool is_vehicle_secondary_colour_custom(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_custom_pearlescent_colour(Vehicle veh, uint32_t color)⚓︎

uint32_t get_vehicle_custom_pearlescent_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_custom_wheel_colour(Vehicle veh, uint32_t color)⚓︎

uint32_t get_vehicle_custom_wheel_colour(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string get_livery_name(Vehicle veh, int livery)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_window_tint(Vehicle veh, int t)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_window_tint(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

Hash[] get_all_vehicle_model_hashes()⚓︎

Vehicle[] get_all_vehicles()⚓︎

void modify_vehicle_top_speed(Vehicle veh, float f)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_engine_torque_multiplier_this_frame(Vehicle veh, float f)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_headlight_color(Vehicle v)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_headlight_color(Vehicle v, int color)⚓︎

void set_heli_blades_full_speed(Vehicle v)⚓︎

void set_heli_blades_speed(Vehicle v, float speed)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_parachute_active(Vehicle v, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool does_vehicle_have_parachute(Vehicle v)⚓︎

bool can_vehicle_parachute_be_activated(Vehicle v)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_can_be_locked_on(Vehicle veh, bool toggle, bool skipSomeCheck)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_current_gear(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_current_gear(Vehicle veh, int gear)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_next_gear(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_next_gear(Vehicle veh, int gear)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_max_gear(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_max_gear(Vehicle veh, int gear)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_gear_ratio(Vehicle veh, int gear)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_gear_ratio(Vehicle veh, int gear, float ratio)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_rpm(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool get_vehicle_has_been_owned_by_player(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_has_been_owned_by_player(Vehicle veh, bool owned)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_steer_bias(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_steer_bias(Vehicle veh, float v)⚓︎

bool get_vehicle_reduce_grip(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_reduce_grip(Vehicle veh, bool t)⚓︎

float get_vehicle_estimated_max_speed(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_wheel_count(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_tire_radius(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_rim_radius(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_tire_width(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_rotation_speed(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_tire_radius(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_rim_radius(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_tire_width(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_rotation_speed(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_render_size(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_render_size(Vehicle veh, float size)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_render_width(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_render_width(Vehicle veh, float width)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_tire_fixed(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_power(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_power(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_health(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_health(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_brake_pressure(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_brake_pressure(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_traction_vector_length(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_traction_vector_length(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_x_offset(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_x_offset(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_wheel_y_rotation(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_y_rotation(Vehicle veh, int idx, float v)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_wheel_flags(Vehicle veh, int idx)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_flags(Vehicle veh, int idx, int v)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_wheel_is_powered(Vehicle veh, int idx, int v)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_class(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_class_name(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_brand(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_model(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_brand_label(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_model_label(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

bool start_vehicle_horn(Vehicle veh, int duration, Hash mode, bool forever)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_gravity_amount(Vehicle veh, float gravity)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_gravity_amount(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int get_vehicle_wheel_type(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_number_plate_text(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

int|nil get_vehicle_number_plate_index(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

Hash get_vehicle_parachute_model(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_parachute_model(Vehicle veh, Hash model)⚓︎

float|nil get_vehicle_suspension_height_offset(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_suspension_height_offset(Vehicle veh, float h)⚓︎

void set_vehicle_drift_tires(Vehicle veh, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool get_vehicle_drift_tires(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

VehicleHandling|nil get_vehicle_handling_data(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

Be aware that vehicle handling is defined per vehicle model, not per vehicle. So any changes you make will apply to all vehicles with the same model.

CarHandlingData|nil get_car_handling_data(Vehicle veh)⚓︎

Entity Functions⚓︎

v3 get_entity_coords(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_coords_no_offset(Entity entity, v3 pos)⚓︎

v3 get_entity_rotation(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_rotation(Entity entity, v3 rot)⚓︎

bool set_entity_heading(Entity entity, float heading)⚓︎

bool set_entity_velocity(Entity entity, v3 velocity)⚓︎

v3 get_entity_velocity(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_an_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_a_ped(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_a_vehicle(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_an_object(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_dead(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_on_fire(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_visible(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_attached(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_visible(Entity entity, bool toggle)⚓︎

int get_entity_type(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_gravity(Entity entity, bool gravity)⚓︎

void apply_force_to_entity(Ped ped, int forceType, float x, float y, float z, float rx, float ry, float rz, bool isRel, bool highForce)⚓︎

Entity get_entity_attached_to(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool detach_entity(Entity e)⚓︎

Hash get_entity_model_hash(Entity e)⚓︎

float get_entity_heading(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool attach_entity_to_entity(Entity subject, Entity target, int boneIndex, v3 offset, v3 rot, bool softPinning, bool collision, bool isPed, int vertexIndex, bool fixedRot)⚓︎

void set_entity_as_mission_entity(Entity entity, bool toggle, bool unk)⚓︎

bool set_entity_collision(Entity entity, bool toggle, bool physics, bool unk0)⚓︎

bool is_entity_in_air(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_as_no_longer_needed(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_no_collision_entity(Entity entity, Entity target, bool unk)⚓︎

void freeze_entity(Entity entity, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool, v3 get_entity_offset_from_coords(Entity lEntity, v3 coords)⚓︎

bool, v3 get_entity_offset_from_entity(Entity lEntity, Entity lEntity2)⚓︎

void set_entity_alpha(Entity entity, int alpha, bool skin)⚓︎

void reset_entity_alpha(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool delete_entity(Entity e)⚓︎

void set_entity_god_mode(Entity entity, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool get_entity_god_mode(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_in_water(Entity entity)⚓︎

float get_entity_speed(Entity entity)⚓︎

void set_entity_lights(Entity entity, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_entity_max_speed(Entity entity, float speed)⚓︎

float get_entity_pitch(Entity entity)⚓︎

float get_entity_roll(Entity e)⚓︎

v3 get_entity_physics_rotation(Entity e)⚓︎

float get_entity_physics_heading(Entity e)⚓︎

float get_entity_physics_pitch(Entity e)⚓︎

float get_entity_physics_roll(Entity e)⚓︎

bool does_entity_have_physics(Entity entity)⚓︎

v3 get_entity_rotation_velocity(Entity entity)⚓︎

float get_entity_submerged_level(Entity entity)⚓︎

int get_entity_population_type(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_static(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_entity_in_zone(Entity entity, string zone)⚓︎

bool is_entity_upright(Entity entity, float angle)⚓︎

bool is_entity_upside_down(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool has_entity_been_damaged_by_any_object(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool has_entity_been_damaged_by_any_vehicle(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool has_entity_been_damaged_by_any_ped(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool has_entity_been_damaged_by_entity(Entity e1, Entity e2)⚓︎

bool does_entity_have_drawable(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool has_entity_collided_with_anything(Entity entity)⚓︎

Entity get_entity_entity_has_collided_with(Entity entity)⚓︎

int get_entity_bone_index_by_name(Entity entity, string name)⚓︎

v3 get_entity_forward_vector(Entity entity)⚓︎

v3|nil, v3|nil get_entity_model_dimensions(Entity entity)⚓︎

Return values are min and max

v3[]|nil get_entity_model_dimension_bounds(Entity entity)⚓︎

int|nil get_entity_lod_dist(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_entity_lod_dist(Entity entity, int dist)⚓︎

Range from 0 to 65535

Object Functions⚓︎

Object create_object(Hash model, v3 pos, bool networked, bool dynamic)⚓︎

Object create_world_object(Hash model, v3 pos, bool networked, bool dynamic)⚓︎

Object[] get_all_objects()⚓︎

Pickup[] get_all_pickups()⚓︎

Weapon Functions⚓︎

void give_delayed_weapon_to_ped(Ped ped, Hash hash, int time, bool equipNow)⚓︎

int get_weapon_tint_count(Hash weapon)⚓︎

int get_ped_weapon_tint_index(Ped ped, Hash weapon)⚓︎

void set_ped_weapon_tint_index(Ped ped, Hash weapon, int index)⚓︎

void give_weapon_component_to_ped(Ped ped, Hash weapon, Hash component)⚓︎

void remove_all_ped_weapons(Ped ped)⚓︎

void remove_weapon_from_ped(Ped ped, Hash weapon)⚓︎

bool,int get_max_ammo(Ped ped, Hash weapon)⚓︎

bool set_ped_ammo(Ped ped, Hash weapon, int ammo)⚓︎

void remove_weapon_component_from_ped(Ped ped, Hash weapon, Hash component)⚓︎

bool has_ped_got_weapon_component(Ped ped, Hash weapon, Hash component)⚓︎

Hash get_ped_ammo_type_from_weapon(Ped ped, Hash weapon)⚓︎

void set_ped_ammo_by_type(Ped ped, Hash type, uint32_t amount)⚓︎

bool has_ped_got_weapon(Ped ped, Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash[] get_all_weapon_hashes()⚓︎

string get_weapon_name(Hash weapon)⚓︎

int get_weapon_weapon_wheel_slot(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_model(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_audio_item(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_slot(Hash weapon)⚓︎

int get_weapon_ammo_type(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_weapon_group(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_weapon_type(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Hash get_weapon_pickup(Hash weapon)⚓︎

Streaming Functions⚓︎

bool request_model(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool has_model_loaded(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool set_model_as_no_longer_needed(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool is_model_in_cdimage(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool is_model_valid(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_plane(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_vehicle(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_heli(Hash hash)⚓︎

void request_ipl(string szName)⚓︎

void remove_ipl(string szName)⚓︎

void request_anim_set(string szName)⚓︎

bool has_anim_set_loaded(string szName)⚓︎

void request_anim_dict(string szName)⚓︎

bool has_anim_dict_loaded(string szName)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_bike(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_car(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_bicycle(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_quad(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_boat(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_train(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_an_object(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_world_object(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

bool is_model_a_ped(Hash ulHash)⚓︎

void remove_anim_dict(string szName)⚓︎

void remove_anim_set(string szName)⚓︎

bool does_vehicle_model_have_parachute(Hash model)⚓︎

bool set_vehicle_model_has_parachute(Hash model, bool toggle)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_model_brand_label(Hash model)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_model_model_label(Hash model)⚓︎

string|nil get_vehicle_model_name(Hash model)⚓︎

UI Functions⚓︎

void notify_above_map(string message, string title, int color)⚓︎

Entity get_entity_from_blip(Blip blip)⚓︎

Blip get_blip_from_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

Blip add_blip_for_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool set_blip_sprite(Blip blip, int spriteId)⚓︎

bool set_blip_colour(Blip blip, int colour)⚓︎

void hide_hud_component_this_frame(int componentId)⚓︎

void hide_hud_and_radar_this_frame()⚓︎

string get_label_text(string label)⚓︎

void draw_rect(float x, float y, float width, float height, int r, int g, int b, int a)⚓︎

void draw_line(v3 pos1, v3 pos2, int r, int g, int b, int a)⚓︎

void draw_text(string pszText, v2 pos)⚓︎

void set_text_scale(float scale)⚓︎

void set_text_color(int r, int g, int b, int a)⚓︎

void set_text_font(int font)⚓︎

void set_text_wrap(float start, float end)⚓︎

void set_text_outline(bool b)⚓︎

void set_text_centre(bool b)⚓︎

void set_text_right_justify(bool b)⚓︎

void set_text_justification(int j)⚓︎

void set_new_waypoint(v2 coord)⚓︎

v2 get_waypoint_coord()⚓︎

bool is_hud_component_active(int componentId)⚓︎

void show_hud_component_this_frame(int componentId)⚓︎

void set_waypoint_off()⚓︎

bool set_blip_as_mission_creator_blip(Blip blip, bool toggle)⚓︎

bool is_mission_creator_blip(Blip blip)⚓︎

Blip add_blip_for_radius(v3 pos, float radius)⚓︎

Blip add_blip_for_pickup(Pickup pickup)⚓︎

Blip add_blip_for_coord(v3 pos)⚓︎

void set_blip_coord(Blip blip, v3 coord)⚓︎

v3 get_blip_coord(Blip blip)⚓︎

bool remove_blip(Blip blip)⚓︎

void set_blip_route(Blip blip, bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_blip_route_color(Blip blip, int color)⚓︎

int get_current_notification()⚓︎

void remove_notification(int id)⚓︎

bool, v3|nil get_objective_coord()⚓︎

ScriptDraw Functions⚓︎

void draw_text(string text, v2 pos, v2 size, float scale, uint32_t color, uint32_t flags, int|nil font)⚓︎

eDrawTextFlags = {
    TEXTFLAG_NONE           = 0,
    TEXTFLAG_CENTER         = 1 << 0,
    TEXTFLAG_SHADOW         = 1 << 1,
    TEXTFLAG_VCENTER        = 1 << 2,
    TEXTFLAG_BOTTOM         = 1 << 3,

int|nil register_sprite(string path)⚓︎

Registered sprites are automatically freed when the script exits

bool free_sprite(int id)⚓︎

v2 get_sprite_origin(int id)⚓︎

v2 get_sprite_size(int id)⚓︎

int get_sprite_runtime(int id)⚓︎

int get_sprite_texture_count(int id)⚓︎

v2 get_text_size(string text, float|nil scale, int|nil font)⚓︎

void draw_sprite(int id, v2 pos, float scale, float rot, uint32_t color, float|nil phase)⚓︎

void draw_line(v2 start, v2 end, uint32_t size, uint32_t color)⚓︎

void draw_curved_line(v2[]points, uint32_t color, int|nil sample_rate)⚓︎

Draw a bezier curve.

sample_rate sets the number of samples taken on the arc (64 by default, 128 max)

void draw_rect(v2 pos, v2 size, uint32_t color)⚓︎

void draw_rect_ext(v2 pos1, v2 pos2, v2 pos3, v2 pos4, uint32_t color1, uint32_t color2, uint32_t color3, uint32_t color4)⚓︎

The order in which you provide the coords is important, so the polygons don't get culled. Use a clockwise order.

void draw_triangle(v2 pos1, v2 pos2, v2 pos3, uint32_t color1, uint32_t color2, uint32_t color3)⚓︎

The order in which you provide the coords is important, so the polygons don't get culled. Use a clockwise order.

void draw_circle(v2 pos, float radius, uint32_t color, float|nil radians, float|nil phase_offset, int|nil sample_rate)⚓︎

void draw_circle_outline(v2 pos, float radius, uint32_t color, float|nil radians, float|nil phase_offset, int|nil sample_rate)⚓︎

radians sets the arc (2pi by default)

phase_offset sets the starting phase in radians (0.f by default)

sample_rate sets the number of samples taken on the arc (64 by default, 128 max)

float pos_pixel_to_rel_x(float in)⚓︎

float pos_pixel_to_rel_y(float in)⚓︎

float pos_rel_to_pixel_x(float in)⚓︎

float pos_rel_to_pixel_y(float in)⚓︎

float size_pixel_to_rel_x(float in)⚓︎

float size_pixel_to_rel_y(float in)⚓︎

float size_rel_to_pixel_x(float in)⚓︎

float size_rel_to_pixel_y(float in)⚓︎

int|nil register_font(string path)⚓︎

Registered fonts are automatically freed when the script exits

void free_font(int id)⚓︎

DSound Functions⚓︎

int|nil register_wav(string path)⚓︎

bool free(int id)⚓︎

void play(int id, float|nil volume, int|nil position)⚓︎

void stop(int id)⚓︎

Cam Functions⚓︎

v3 get_final_rendered_cam_rot()⚓︎

v3 get_final_rendered_cam_pos()⚓︎

v3 get_gameplay_cam_rot()⚓︎

v3 get_gameplay_cam_pos()⚓︎

float get_gameplay_cam_relative_pitch()⚓︎

float get_gameplay_cam_relative_yaw()⚓︎

bool,v3|nil get_euler_angles_between_coords(v3 from, v3 to)⚓︎

The rotation will contain pitch and yaw. Roll is always 0.

Gameplay Functions⚓︎

Hash get_hash_key(string in)⚓︎

void display_onscreen_keyboard(string title, string default_text, int maxLength)⚓︎

bool update_onscreen_keyboard()⚓︎

string get_onscreen_keyboard_result()⚓︎

bool is_onscreen_keyboard_active()⚓︎

void set_override_weather(int weatherIndex)⚓︎

void clear_override_weather()⚓︎

void set_blackout(bool toggle)⚓︎

void set_mobile_radio(bool toggle)⚓︎

int get_game_state()⚓︎

bool is_game_state(int)⚓︎

void clear_area_of_objects(v3 coord, float radius, int flags)⚓︎

void clear_area_of_vehicles(v3 coord, float radius, bool a3, bool a4, bool a5, bool a6, bool a7)⚓︎

void clear_area_of_peds(v3 coord, float radius, bool a3)⚓︎

void clear_area_of_cops(v3 coord, float radius, bool a3)⚓︎

void set_cloud_hat_opacity(float opacity)⚓︎

float get_cloud_hat_opacity()⚓︎

void preload_cloud_hat(string szName)⚓︎

void clear_cloud_hat()⚓︎

void load_cloud_hat(string szName, float transitionTime)⚓︎

void unload_cloud_hat(string szName, float a2)⚓︎

bool, float get_ground_z(v3 pos)⚓︎

uint64_t get_frame_count()⚓︎

float get_frame_time()⚓︎

bool shoot_single_bullet_between_coords(v3 start, v3 end, int damage, Hash weapon, Ped owner, bool audible, bool invisible, float speed)⚓︎

bool, v3|nil find_spawn_point_in_direction(v3 pos, v3 fwd, float dist)⚓︎

Fire Functions⚓︎

bool add_explosion(v3 pos, int type, bool isAudible, bool isInvis, float fCamShake, Ped owner)⚓︎

Ped start_entity_fire(Ped ped)⚓︎

void stop_entity_fire(Ped ped)⚓︎

bool add_explosion_ex(v3 pos, int type, float|nil dmgMult, bool|nil isAudible, bool|nil isInvis, float|nil fCamShake, Ped|nil owner, uint32_t|nil vfxHash)⚓︎

Network Functions⚓︎

bool network_is_host()⚓︎

bool has_control_of_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool request_control_of_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

bool is_session_started()⚓︎

void network_session_kick_player(Player player)⚓︎

bool is_friend_online(string name)⚓︎

bool is_friend_in_multiplayer(string name)⚓︎

uint32_t get_friend_scid(string name)⚓︎

uint32_t get_friend_count()⚓︎

uint32_t get_max_friends()⚓︎

Hash network_hash_from_player(Player player)⚓︎

string|nil get_friend_index_name(uint32_t index)⚓︎

bool is_friend_index_online(uint32_t index)⚓︎

bool is_scid_friend(uint64_t scid)⚓︎

Entity|nil get_entity_player_is_spectating(Player player)⚓︎

Player|nil get_player_player_is_spectating(Player player)⚓︎

bool send_chat_message(string msg, bool teamOnly)⚓︎

bool force_remove_player(Player player, bool|nil hostonly)⚓︎

Player|nil get_entity_net_owner(Entity entity)⚓︎

int|nil get_entity_net_id(Entity entity)⚓︎

Entity|nil get_net_id_entity(int netId)⚓︎

void join_scid(int scid)⚓︎

void join_new_lobby(int type)⚓︎

eLobbyType = {
    GO                  = -1,
    PUBLIC              = 0,
    NEW                 = 1,
    CLOSED_CREW         = 2,
    CREW                = 3,
    CLOSED_FRIEND       = 6,
    FRIEND              = 9,
    SOLO                = 10,
    INVITE              = 11,
    JOIN_CREW           = 12,
    SCTV                = 13,

void give_player_control_of_entity(Player player, Entity entity)⚓︎

bool add_friend(int scid, string msg)⚓︎

Cutscene Functions⚓︎

void stop_cutscene_immediately()⚓︎

void remove_cutscene()⚓︎

bool is_cutscene_active()⚓︎

bool is_cutscene_playing()⚓︎

Controls Functions⚓︎

bool disable_control_action(int inputGroup, int control, bool disable)⚓︎

bool is_control_just_pressed(int inputGroup, int control)⚓︎

bool is_disabled_control_just_pressed(int inputGroup, int control)⚓︎

bool is_control_pressed(int inputGroup, int control)⚓︎

bool is_disabled_control_pressed(int inputGroup, int control)⚓︎

float get_control_normal(int inputGroup, int control)⚓︎

bool set_control_normal(int inputGroup, int control, float value)⚓︎

Graphics Functions⚓︎

int get_screen_height()⚓︎

int get_screen_width()⚓︎

void request_named_ptfx_asset(string asset)⚓︎

bool has_named_ptfx_asset_loaded(string asset)⚓︎

void remove_named_ptfx_asset(string name)⚓︎

void set_next_ptfx_asset(string asset)⚓︎

void set_next_ptfx_asset_by_hash(Hash hash)⚓︎

Ptfx start_ptfx_looped_on_entity(string name, Entity e, v3 offset, v3 rot, float scale)⚓︎

bool start_ptfx_non_looped_on_entity(string name, Entity e, v3 offset, v3 rot, float scale)⚓︎

Ptfx start_networked_ptfx_looped_on_entity(string name, Entity e, v3 offset, v3 rot, float scale)⚓︎

bool start_networked_ptfx_non_looped_on_entity(string name, Entity e, v3 offset, v3 rot, float scale)⚓︎

void remove_ptfx_from_entity(Entity)⚓︎

bool does_looped_ptfx_exist(Ptfx ptfx)⚓︎

Ptfx start_ptfx_looped_at_coord(string name, v3 pos, v3 rot, float scale, bool xAxis, bool yAxis, bool zAxis)⚓︎

bool start_ptfx_non_looped_at_coord(string name, v3 pos, v3 rot, float scale, bool xAxis, bool yAxis, bool zAxis)⚓︎

bool start_networked_ptfx_non_looped_at_coord(string name, v3 pos, v3 rot, float scale, bool xAxis, bool yAxis, bool zAxis)⚓︎

Ptfx start_networked_ptfx_looped_at_coord(string name, v3 pos, v3 rot, float scale, bool xAxis, bool yAxis, bool zAxis)⚓︎

void remove_particle_fx(Ptfx ptfx, bool a2)⚓︎

void remove_ptfx_in_range(v3 pos, float range)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_offsets(Ptfx ptfx, v3 pos, v3 rot)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_evolution(Ptfx ptfx, string propertyName, float amount, bool a4)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_color(Ptfx ptfx, float r, float b, float g, bool a5)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_alpha(Ptfx ptfx, float a)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_scale(Ptfx ptfx, float scale)⚓︎

void set_ptfx_looped_far_clip_dist(Ptfx ptfx, float dist)⚓︎

void enable_clown_blood_vfx(bool toggle)⚓︎

void enable_alien_blood_vfx(bool toggle)⚓︎

void animpostfx_play(Hash effect, int duration, bool looped)⚓︎

void animpostfx_stop(Hash effect)⚓︎

bool animpostfx_is_running(Hash effect)⚓︎

void animpostfx_stop_all()⚓︎

Any request_scaleform_movie(string szName)⚓︎

bool begin_scaleform_movie_method(Any scaleform, string szMethod)⚓︎

void scaleform_movie_method_add_param_texture_name_string(string val)⚓︎

void scaleform_movie_method_add_param_int(int val)⚓︎

void scaleform_movie_method_add_param_float(float val)⚓︎

void scaleform_movie_method_add_param_bool(bool val)⚓︎

void draw_scaleform_movie_fullscreen(Any scaleform, int r, int g, int b, int a, int a6)⚓︎

void draw_scaleform_movie(Any scaleform, float x, float y, float w, float h, int r, int g, int b, int a, int a10)⚓︎

void end_scaleform_movie_method()⚓︎

void draw_marker(Any type, v3 pos, v3 dir, v3 rot, v3 scale, int red, int green, int blue, int alpha, bool bobUpAndDown, bool faceCam, int a12, bool rotate, string|nil textureDict, string|nil textureName, bool drawOntEnts)⚓︎

Any create_checkpoint(Any type, v3 thisPos, v3 nextPos, float radius, int red, int green, int blue, int alpha, int reserved)⚓︎

void set_checkpoint_icon_height(Any checkpoint, float height)⚓︎

void set_checkpoint_cylinder_height(Any checkpoint, float nearHeight, float farHeight, float radius)⚓︎

void set_checkpoint_rgba(Any checkpoint, int r, int g, int b, int a)⚓︎

void set_checkpoint_icon_rgba(Any checkpoint, int r, int g, int b, int a)⚓︎

void delete_checkpoint(Any checkpoint)⚓︎

bool has_scaleform_movie_loaded(Any scaleform)⚓︎

void set_scaleform_movie_as_no_longer_needed(Any scaleform)⚓︎

bool,v2|nil project_3d_coord(v3 coord)⚓︎

bool,v2|nil project_3d_coord_rel(v3 coord)⚓︎

bool,v2|nil project_3d_coord_rel_normal(v3 origin, v3 coord, float len)⚓︎

Time Functions⚓︎

void set_clock_time(int hour, int minute, int second)⚓︎

int get_clock_hours()⚓︎

int get_clock_minutes()⚓︎

int get_clock_seconds()⚓︎

AI Functions⚓︎

void task_goto_entity(Entity e, Entity target, int duration, float distance, float speed)⚓︎

bool task_combat_ped(Ped ped, Ped target, int a3, int a4)⚓︎

Any task_go_to_coord_by_any_means(Ped ped, v3 coords, float speed, Any p4, bool p5, int walkStyle, float a7)⚓︎

bool task_wander_standard(Ped ped, float unk0, bool unk1)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_drive_wander(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float speed, int driveStyle)⚓︎

void task_start_scenario_in_place(Ped ped, string name, int unkDelay, bool playEnterAnim)⚓︎

void task_start_scenario_at_position(Ped ped, string name, v3 coord, float heading, int duration, bool sittingScenario, bool teleport)⚓︎

void task_stand_guard(Ped ped, v3 coord, float heading, string name)⚓︎

void play_anim_on_running_scenario(Ped ped, string dict, string name)⚓︎

bool does_scenario_group_exist(string name)⚓︎

bool is_scenario_group_enabled(string name)⚓︎

bool set_scenario_group_enabled(string name, bool b)⚓︎

void reset_scenario_groups_enabled()⚓︎

bool set_exclusive_scenario_group(string name)⚓︎

bool reset_exclusive_scenario_group()⚓︎

bool is_scenario_type_enabled(string name)⚓︎

bool set_scenario_type_enabled(string name, bool b)⚓︎

void reset_scenario_types_enabled()⚓︎

bool is_ped_active_in_scenario(Ped ped)⚓︎

void task_follow_to_offset_of_entity(Ped ped, Entity entity, v3 offset, float speed, int timeout, float stopRange, bool persistFollowing)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_drive_to_coord_longrange(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, v3 pos, float speed, int mode, float stopRange)⚓︎

void task_shoot_at_entity(Entity entity, Entity target, int duration, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_escort(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle targetVehicle, int mode, float speed, int drivingStyle, float minDistance, int a8, float noRoadsDistance)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_follow(Ped driver, Vehicle vehicle, Entity targetEntity, float speed, int drivingStyle, int minDistance)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_drive_to_coord(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, v3 coord, float speed, int a5, Hash vehicleModel, int driveMode, float stopRange, float a9)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_shoot_at_coord(Ped ped, v3 coord, float a3)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_shoot_at_ped(Ped ped, Ped target, float a3)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_aim_at_coord(Ped ped, v3 coord)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_aim_at_ped(Ped ped, Ped target)⚓︎

void task_stay_in_cover(Ped ped)⚓︎

void task_go_to_coord_while_aiming_at_coord(Ped ped, v3 gotoCoord, v3 aimCoord, float moveSpeed, bool a5, float a6, float a7, bool a8, Any flags, bool a10, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_go_to_coord_while_aiming_at_entity(Ped ped, v3 gotoCoord, Entity target, float moveSpeed, bool a5, float a6, float a7, bool a8, Any flags, bool a10, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_go_to_entity_while_aming_at_coord(Ped ped, Entity gotoEntity, v3 aimCoord, float a4, bool shoot, float a6, float a7, bool a8, bool a9, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_go_to_entity_while_aiming_at_entity(Ped ped, Entity gotoEntity, Entity target, float a4, bool shoot, float a6, float a7, bool a8, bool a9, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_open_vehicle_door(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int timeOut, int doorIndex, float speed)⚓︎

void task_enter_vehicle(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int timeout, int seat, float speed, uint32_t flag, Any p6)⚓︎

void task_leave_vehicle(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, uint32_t flag)⚓︎

void task_sky_dive(Ped ped, bool a2)⚓︎

void task_parachute(Ped ped, bool a2, bool a3)⚓︎

void task_parachute_to_target(Ped ped, v3 coord)⚓︎

void set_parachute_task_target(Ped ped, v3 coord)⚓︎

void set_parachute_task_thrust(Ped ped, float thrust)⚓︎

void task_rappel_from_heli(Ped ped, float a2)⚓︎

void task_vehicle_chase(Ped driver, Entity target)⚓︎

void set_task_vehicle_chase_behaviour_flag(Ped ped, int flag, bool set)⚓︎

void set_task_vehicle_chase_ideal_persuit_distance(Ped ped, float dist)⚓︎

void task_shoot_gun_at_coord(Ped ped, v3 coord, int duration, Hash firingPattern)⚓︎

void task_aim_gun_at_coord(Ped ped, v3 coord, int time, bool a4, bool a5)⚓︎

void task_turn_ped_to_face_entity(Ped ped, Entity entity, int duration)⚓︎

void task_aim_gun_at_entity(Ped ped, Entity entity, int duration, bool a4)⚓︎

bool is_task_active(Ped ped, Any taskId)⚓︎

bool task_play_anim(Ped ped, string dict, string anim, float speed, float speedMult, int duration, int flag, float playbackRate, bool lockX, bool lockY, bool lockZ)⚓︎

void stop_anim_task(Ped ped, const char* dict, const char* anim, float a4)⚓︎

Decorator Functions⚓︎

void decor_register(string name, int type)⚓︎

bool decor_exists_on(Entity e, string decor)⚓︎

bool decor_remove(Entity e, string decor)⚓︎

int decor_get_int(Entity entity, string name)⚓︎

bool decor_set_int(Entity entity, string name, int value)⚓︎

float decor_get_float(Entity entity, string name)⚓︎

bool decor_set_float(Entity entity, string name, float value)⚓︎

bool decor_get_bool(Entity entity, string name)⚓︎

bool decor_set_bool(Entity entity, string name, bool value)⚓︎

bool decor_set_time(Entity entity, string name, int value)⚓︎

Interior Functions⚓︎

Any get_interior_from_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎

Any get_interior_at_coords_with_type(v3 coords, string interiorType)⚓︎

void enable_interior_prop(Any id, string prop)⚓︎

void disable_interior_prop(Any id, string prop)⚓︎

void refresh_interior(Any id)⚓︎

Water Functions⚓︎

float get_waves_intensity()⚓︎

void set_waves_intensity(float intensity)⚓︎

void reset_waves_intensity()⚓︎

Stats Functions⚓︎

int|nil stat_get_int(Hash hash, int unk0)⚓︎

float|nil stat_get_float(Hash hash, int unk0)⚓︎

bool|nil stat_get_bool(Hash hash, int unk0)⚓︎

bool stat_set_int(Hash hash, int value, bool save)⚓︎

bool stat_set_float(Hash hash, float value, bool save)⚓︎

bool stat_set_bool(Hash hash, bool value, bool save)⚓︎

int64_t stat_get_i64(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool stat_set_i64(Hash hash, int64_t v, uint32_t|nil flags)⚓︎

uint64_t stat_get_u64(Hash hash)⚓︎

bool stat_set_u64(Hash hash, uint64_t v, uint32_t|nil flags)⚓︎

int|nil stat_get_masked_int(Hash hash, int mask, int a3, int|nil a4)⚓︎

bool stat_set_masked_int(Hash hash, int val, int mask, int a4, bool save)⚓︎

bool|nil stat_get_masked_bool(Hash hash, int mask, int|nil a3)⚓︎

bool stat_set_masked_bool(Hash hash, bool val, int mask, int a4, bool save)⚓︎

Hash, int stat_get_bool_hash_and_mask(string stat, int index, int character)⚓︎

Hash, int stat_get_int_hash_and_mask(string stat, int index, int character)⚓︎

Script Functions⚓︎

void trigger_script_event(int eventId, Player player, int[] params)⚓︎

void trigger_script_event_2(int playerBitset, int eventId, ...)⚓︎

Player get_host_of_this_script()⚓︎

float|nil get_global_f(uint32_t i)⚓︎

int|nil get_global_i(uint32_t i)⚓︎

string|nil get_global_s(uint32_t i, uint32_t max_len)⚓︎

bool set_global_f(uint32_t i, float v)⚓︎

bool set_global_i(uint32_t i, int v)⚓︎

bool set_global_s(uint32_t i, string v, uint32_t max_len)⚓︎

float|nil get_local_f(Hash script, uint32_t i)⚓︎

int|nil get_local_i(Hash script, uint32_t i)⚓︎

string|nil get_local_s(Hash script, uint32_t i, uint32_t max_len)⚓︎

bool set_local_f(Hash script, uint32_t i, float v)⚓︎

bool set_local_i(Hash script, uint32_t i, int v)⚓︎

bool set_local_s(Hash script, uint32_t i, string v, uint32_t max_len)⚓︎

Audio Functions⚓︎

void play_sound(int soundId, string audioName, string audioRef, bool p4, Any p5, bool p6)⚓︎

void play_sound_frontend(int soundId, string audioName, string audioRef, bool p4)⚓︎

void play_sound_from_entity(int soundId, string audioName, Entity entity, string audioRef)⚓︎

void play_sound_from_coord(int soundId, string audioName, v3 pos, string audioRef, bool a5, int range, bool a7)⚓︎

void stop_sound(int soundId)⚓︎

Worldprobe Functions⚓︎

bool, v3, v3, Hash, Entity raycast(v3 start, v3 end, int intersect, Entity ignore)⚓︎

Return values are hit, hit coord, hit surface, hit material, hit entity

eRayIntersect = {
    RAYINT_MAP          = 1 << 0,
    RAYINT_VEH          = 1 << 1,
    RAYINT_PED          = 1 << 2,
    RAYINT_PED2         = 1 << 3,
    RAYINT_OBJECT       = 1 << 4,
    RAYINT_UNK0         = 1 << 5,
    RAYINT_UNK1         = 1 << 6,
    RAYINT_UNK2         = 1 << 7,
    RAYINT_VEGETATION   = 1 << 8,

Rope Functions⚓︎

void rope_load_textures()⚓︎

void rope_unload_textures()⚓︎

bool rope_are_textures_loaded()⚓︎

int add_rope(v3 pos, v3 rot, float maxLen, int ropeType, float initLength, float minLength, float lengthChangeRate, bool onlyPPU, bool collisionOn, bool lockFromFront, float timeMultiplier, bool breakable)⚓︎

bool does_rope_exist(int rope)⚓︎

bool delete_rope(int rope)⚓︎

void attach_rope_to_entity(int rope, Entity e, v3 offset, bool a3)⚓︎

void attach_entities_to_rope(int rope, Entity ent1, Entity ent2, v3 pos_ent1, v3 pos_ent2, float len, int a7, int a8, string|nil boneName1, string|nil boneName2)⚓︎

void detach_rope_from_entity(int rope, Entity entity)⚓︎

void start_rope_unwinding_front(int rope)⚓︎

void start_rope_winding(int rope)⚓︎

void stop_rope_unwinding_front(int rope)⚓︎

void stop_rope_winding(int rope)⚓︎

void rope_force_length(int rope, float len)⚓︎

void activate_physics(Entity entity)⚓︎

Timecycle Functions⚓︎

float|nil get_timecycle_keyframe_var(Hash weather, int region, int frame, string var)⚓︎

bool set_timecycle_keyframe_var(Hash weather, int region, int frame, string var, float val)⚓︎

System Functions⚓︎

void wait(int ms)⚓︎

void yield(int ms)⚓︎

Native Functions⚓︎

NativeResult call(uint64_t id, ...)⚓︎


Member Type Name Description
Constructor ByteBuffer8 ByteBuffer8(...)
Constructor ByteBuffer16 ByteBuffer16(...)
Constructor ByteBuffer32 ByteBuffer32(...)
Constructor ByteBuffer64 ByteBuffer64(...)
Constructor ByteBuffer128 ByteBuffer128(...)
Constructor ByteBuffer256 ByteBuffer256(...)
Method void set(int idx, int|float|bool|string|v2|v3 val)
Method void fill(...)
Method string __tostring(bool|nil cast) Will reinterpret the bytebuffer as a char pointer when you pass true. Only use this if you know the type in the bytebuffer is a char pointer.
Method integer __tointeger(int|nil idx)
Method integer __tointeger64(int|nil idx)
Method float __tonumber(int|nil idx)
Method v3 __tov3(int|nil idx)


Member Type Name Description
Method string __tostring(bool|nil cast) Will reinterpret the bytebuffer as a char pointer when you pass true. Only use this if you know the type in the bytebuffer is a char pointer.
Method integer __tointeger(int|nil idx)
Method integer __tointeger64(int|nil idx)
Method float __tonumber(int|nil idx)
Method v3 __tov3(int|nil idx)

Utils Functions⚓︎

int str_to_vk(string keyName)⚓︎

string[] get_all_files_in_directory(string path, string extension)⚓︎

string[] get_all_sub_directories_in_directory(string path)⚓︎

bool file_exists(string path)⚓︎

bool dir_exists(string path)⚓︎

bool make_dir(string path)⚓︎

string get_appdata_path(string dir, string file)⚓︎

string from_clipboard()⚓︎

void to_clipboard(string str)⚓︎

int time()⚓︎

int time_ms()⚓︎

uint64_t[] str_to_vecu64(string str)⚓︎

string vecu64_to_str(uint64_t[] vec)⚓︎

Web Functions⚓︎

int, string, string[] post(string url, string[]|nil headers, string|nil data)⚓︎

int, string, string[] get(string url, string[]|nil headers)⚓︎

int, string, string[] request(string url, nil|[...] options)⚓︎

These functions will yield and have to be run from a script thread or feature handler

local response_code, response_body, response_headers = web.get("");
print(response_code, response_body, response_headers);

print(web.request("", { redirects = true })) -- (1)
print(web.request("", {
    headers = {"Beep: Boop", "Content-Type: application/json"},
    method = 'post',
    data = '{"json":"data"}',
    redirects = true,
    verify = false
  1. Max redirects is 10

string urlencode(string url)⚓︎

string urldecode(string url)⚓︎

IO Functions⚓︎

bool remove(string path)⚓︎

bool remove_dir(string path)⚓︎

bool rename(string oldpath, string newpath)⚓︎

bool _encrypt(string path)⚓︎

Memory Functions`⚓︎

uint64_t|nil get_any(Entity entity)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_entity(Entity entity)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_physical(Entity entity)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_ped(Ped ped)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_vehicle(Vehicle vehicle)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_object(Object object)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil get_pickup(Pickup pickup)⚓︎


uint64_t|nil read_u64(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

uint32_t|nil read_u32(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

uint16_t|nil read_u16(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

uint8_t|nil read_u8(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

int64_t|nil read_i64(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

int32_t|nil read_i32(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

int16_t|nil read_i16(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

int8_t|nil read_i8(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

float|nil read_f32(uint64_t base, uint64_t[] offsets)⚓︎

Console Functions⚓︎

bool register_command(string name, string hint, function run, function|nil complete)⚓︎

Callback definitions are:

void        run(string cmd)         -- This is called from the main script thread (not inside a coroutine)
string[]    complete(string cmd)    -- This is called from a separate thread

bool remove_command(string name)⚓︎