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All Players⚓︎

Some of the features in Online Players can also be applied to the whole lobby (excluding yourself).

Exclude Friends⚓︎

Prevent Social Club friends in your lobby from being affected by these features.

Global Explode⚓︎

Blow up all players. You can select the type of explosion. If you select the Blamed variant, you will show up as the killer. Unlike the individual variant, you cannot explode them non-stop.

Global Remote Weapons⚓︎

Give or remove certain weapons (or all of them) from all players' inventory. Any given or removed weapon will be reverted when the players join a new lobby.

Force Visible⚓︎

You will be able to see players whose peds are invisible (potentially by using mods).

Reveal OTR Players⚓︎

Show on map any player who is Off the Radar or using Ghost Organization.

Global Apartment Invite⚓︎

Teleport all players to an apartment of your choice. Those who do not own that apartment will be kicked out of it afterwards.

Global Prison⚓︎

Build a prison around a garage and send everyone to that garage, trapping them inside. You can teleport yourself to the prison as well.

Global Infinite Apartment Invite⚓︎

Loop endless apartment invites to keep all players stuck in a black screen.

Vehicle Kick⚓︎

Force all players out of their vehicles.

Global CEO Dismiss⚓︎

Kick everyone out of their organizations and motorcycle clubs, terminating any related mission.

Kill All Passive⚓︎

Blow up everyone using special explosions that can bypass Passive Mode.

Kick All⚓︎

Kick everyone out of the lobby.