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Custom Languages⚓︎

Shared Languages

Our Discord server allows members to share their translations.

In order to translate 2Take1, you first have to generate a language file; you may do so from the Settings submenu.

Doing this will dump the names of every single submenu and feature into the following file:


Open the language file with any text editor and you will see the feature hashes along with their associated names. Hashes that are defined in this file will override the original ones, so you may translate all names to your own language and they will be used by 2Take1:

hash1=Feature 1
hash2=Feature 2
hash3=Feature 3

Once you have translated the features, reinject the menu to apply the changes.

Keep in mind

Saving a language file will also dump the content of every configuration file, as well as the features of a Lua script. For this reason, you may want to temporarily remove every CFG file before dumping the names into lang.ini, so as to avoid additional clutter in the language file.

Names of items that are dynamically fetched from the game pools (such as vehicles and weapons) will not be dumped.