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Frequently Asked Questions⚓︎

This page contains a collection of questions that our users and customers have asked frequently over the time. We strongly encourage you to these FAQs before asking for support, as your question may have already been asked by other users before.

Prior to Purchase⚓︎

Is 2Take1 safe?

Yes. Security and stability are the top priorities of Popstar Devs.

Every upcoming feature is deeply stressed and examined by our testing team long before becoming public, so as to make sure all bugs are sorted out. Besides, in the unlikely case that a feature stops working as expected or gets our users banned, it will be automatically disabled or removed from 2Take1 and sent back to the development and testing stage.

If a feature is in 2Take1, then it is safe.*

With that said, modding always has a small risk. You should not use mods in accounts that are important to you. By using 2Take1Menu, you agree with taking full responsibility of your GTA accounts.

How often/quickly does 2Take1 update?

When GTA Online updates to a new version, 2Take1Menu is among the fastest menus to update; it usually takes Popstar Devs a few hours to bring the menu back online.

Besides, 2Take1Menu usually gets one or two updates per month, which include new features and/or improvements to the existing ones.

What version of Windows does 2Take1 support?

The only OS that is officially supported is Windows 10.

  • Windows 11 seems to be stable, although some users have reported issues (specially on Insider builds).
  • Windows 8.1 should work theoretically, but this is very situational.
  • Windows 7 is completely incompatible; the game will crash when you inject the menu.

Your Windows installation should be located on a physical drive in your computer. Virtual machines or cloud computers are not officially supported. Custom OS builds are not supported either.

Running 2Take1 on an unofficially supported environment makes you ineligible to get official support from the 2Take1 team.

Account and Licensing⚓︎

I bought a Standard license but now I want the VIP edition of the menu. Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, as long as you meet certain requirements. More information here.

Can I get a discount for a lifetime license if I already own a timed license?

No. License prices are fixed and cannot be changed.

Installation and Usage⚓︎

How do I save my settings?

Press F9 to save your settings to the default profile, which will be loaded when 2Take1 is injected. You can also change this key.

Can I move through the menu with a controller?

Yes. Enable Controller Support with the keyboard, then close the menu with keyboard, and you will now be able to open it with a controller. You can check the bindings for controllers in the Usage Guide.

I have a reduced keyboard without a Numpad, how do I use the menu?

Menu navigation keys are bound to the numpad by default; if you do not have a numpad, you will need to modify the keybinds to suit your keyboard. To modify your keys, you will need to open your 2Take1Menu.ini file (located in %appdata%\PopstarDevs\2Take1Menu\) with a text editor such as Notepad, and edit the keys under the [Keys] section.

More information here.

Can I use 2Take1Menu with other menus simultaneously (co-load)?

Compatibility with other menus is not officially supported, although technically possible. It is up to you to see if your menu can be co-loaded with 2Take1Menu.

Using other mods or cheating software makes you ineligible to get official support or provide ban reports.


How do I make money?
  1. You can use the VIP feature Business Manager to have the menu autonomously manage your in-game businesses for you while you play the game.
  2. You can use the VIP features Blackjack - Bust the house and Roulette - Power of one to rig the Blackjack and Roulette casino games for lots of easy chips, which can be turned into money.
How can I maximise the earnings using the casino features?

2Take1 allows you to rig any nearby blackjack and roulette tables. You do not even need to play; just by standing close to them with the features enabled, anyone can get heaps of money with little effort.

These features will work with every blackjack and roulette tables in the casino, as well as the blackjack table in your penthouse. If you want to push the potential profit to the limit, players should use the tables in the VIP room in the casino, since those allow them to place higher bets than the regular tables. On the other hand, the blackjack table in your penthouse can only be accessed by your invitees, so you can host a private money session for your friends even in a public lobby.

Remember that you need chips to play the games; you can buy and sell them at the casino. Also, keep in mind that gambling is restricted in some countries, although you can circumvent this restriction by using a VPN.

In order to maximise profit in blackjack ($50,000 to $250,000):

  1. Always place the maximum bet available.
  2. Once the croupier is done dealing cards, check your total count:
    1. If your count is 11 or lower, double down. This will double your profit and guarantee a win.
    2. If your count is higher than 11, you can either stand to guarantee a win, or risk doubling down. Note that, if you choose to double down, you could go bust before the croupier does, and therefore lose your bet.
    3. If you have two identical cards, split your cards and follow the steps A and B.
    4. If you have two aces, split and double down on both.

In order to maximise profit in roulette ($275,000):

  1. Place a $5,000 inside bet on Red 1.
  2. Place a $50,000 outside bet on either the first dozen (1st 12) or the first column (2 to 1).

Features do not get you banned. Greed does.

Regardless of which method you choose, it should be used in moderation. Players getting massive amounts of money (especially in a short time) is a red flag to Rockstar, which may lead to an account ban.

How can I store spawned vehicles in my garage?
  1. Spawn the vehicle and customize it.
  2. Save it as a custom vehicle.
  3. In the Spawner Settings, enable Spawn In Vehicle.
  4. Steal a car from the street that you can drive into your garage.
  5. Drive it into any of your garages, and while the cutscene is playing, spawn your saved vehicle. If the garage shows you a menu when you enter (like the office garage wanting you to pick garage 1, 2 or 3), do it after you pick which garage you want.
  6. Buy full insurance for the vehicle.

This will NOT work for blacklisted vehicles or vehicles that are not released yet. However, you can use this to put some vehicles into your garage that do not belong there normally, such as bicycles, the Dune or the RC Bandito.

Note that you cannot sell these vehicles. If you want to get rid of them, fill all garage slots with vehicles, purchase a new vehicle and send it to the garage where the vehicle you want to get rid of is stored. You will then be able to replace it.

RC Bandito

DO NOT put the RC Bandito in your garage before you have actually bought one for the arena! Otherwise, you will be permanently unallowed to buy it anymore.

What do the letters next to people names mean?

Those are player flags, and reveal useful information about players.

Flag Meaning
[Y] Yourself
[F] Friend
[H] Session Host
[S] Script Host
[A] R* admin
[D] R* dev
[I] Inactive
[M] Modder

More information here.

Can I teleport a player to a specific location?

No. That was patched by Rockstar ages ago. You can only send them Apartment Invites, or grab them while in a vehicle with the Editor Mode and teleport it along with you.

Can I gift vehicles?

Not really. At most, you can spawn cars that cost below $50000, upgrade them and have others sell them.


What is RAC?

RAC stands for Rockstar Anti-Cheat. Players marked as modders for RAC have been flagged by the anti-cheat (mainly by using a bad menu), but this does not necessarily imply that they will get banned.

What are Script and Network Events?

GTA is a P2P game. This means that the session is started and held by the players (clients) in it. This is the reason why every lobby needs a Session Host and a Script Host in order to regulate the network traffic.

In this topology, clients in a lobby sync to each other by sending events over the network (to and from other players). These are known as Network Events, and are defined and handled by the RAGE engine.

There is also one special type of Network Events. These are known as Script Events, and are defined and handled by the game scripts instead.

Script and Network Events are mostly harmless and handled autonomously by the game. However, modders may also manipulate them and send events to other clients manually, for good or bad purposes.