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Frequently Asked Questions#

This page contains a collection of questions that our users and customers have asked frequently over the time. We strongly encourage you to these FAQs before asking for support, as your question may have already been asked by other users before.

Pinned answers and tips
  • Check the features list before asking about a specific feature. You can also use the top-right Search Bar to get descriptions of features.
  • We only provide official support for Windows 10.
  • 2Take1Menu relies on:
    • Menu Files – content of the ZIP that you download from the main website and extract to a folder (where the Launcher is).
    • Menu Settings – additional assets that are used by the menu (or created if they don't exist), in the %appdata%\PopstarDevs directory.
  • The menu files contain a shortcut to %appdata%\PopstarDevs (where the menu settings are). Deleting the shortcut will not delete the menu settings.

Pre-Purchase and Licensing#

Is 2Take1Menu safe?

Yes. Security and stability are the top priorities of Popstar Devs.

Every upcoming feature is deeply stressed and examined by our testing team long before becoming public, so as to make sure all bugs are sorted out. Besides, in the unlikely case that a feature stops working as expected or gets our users banned, it's automatically removed from the menu and sent back to the development and testing stage.

If a feature is in 2Take1Menu, then it is safe.1

How often/quickly does 2Take1Menu update?

When GTA Online updates to a new version, 2Take1Menu is among the fastest menus to update; it usually takes Popstar Devs a few hours to bring the menu back online.

Besides, 2Take1Menu usually gets one or two updates per month, which include new features and/or improvements to the existing ones.

Why is 2Take1Menu so expensive?

2Take1Menu uses a subscription-based licensing model. You pay a fair amount of money to use the menu for an equivalent amount of time.

We do offer one-time payments in the form of lifetime licenses, but as you can expect, it is reasonable that such purchases must be substantially high.

Can I get a discount for a lifetime license if I already own a timed license

No. License prices are fixed and may not be changed. Lifetime will always be a full payment, unless you already own Lifetime Standard (more information here).

Installation and Usage#

How do I install/use the menu?

Installation Guide Usage Guide

How do I save my settings?

Press F9 to save your settings to the default profile, which will be loaded when 2Take1 is injected. You can also change this key.

Can I move through the menu with a controller?

Yes. Enable Controller Support with the keyboard, then close the menu with keyboard, and you will now be able to open it with a controller. You can see the bindings for controllers in the Usage Guide.

Is it possible to change the keys that the menu uses?

Custom Keybinds

Can I use 2Take1Menu on cloud PCs, virtual machines or other operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 11)?

We only provide official support for Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported, and compatibility with cloud systems or virtual machines is not guaranteed either. Compatibility with Windows 11 is limited as well.

Can I use 2Take1Menu with other menus simultaneously (co-load)?

Compatibility with other menus is not officially supported, although technically possible. It is up to you to see if your menu can be co-loaded with 2Take1Menu.

Using other menus revokes your right to ask for help or send a ban report in our Discord server.

Can I use 2Take1Menu on another computer? Do I have to reset my Hardware ID?

This topic tends to cause confusion, so we will be explaining it with two PCs (PC-A and PC-B).

  • Your 2Take1 account is able to register two different HWIDs.
  • When you log into PC-A for the first time, the HWID is registered into your account, as well as the IP address you logged in from.
  • After PC-A is registered, there is a cooldown of 3 hours before you are able to log into PC-B.
    • If PC-B is within the same IP address that was registered into your account, this cooldown will not apply.
    • If you already registered PC-A and PC-B, adding a third computer will remove PC-A from your account.
  • Both PC-A and PC-B are able to log into 2Take1 from any IP address once their HWIDs are registed into your account.
  • You are also allowed to log into 2Take1 from PC-A and PC-B at the same time if they are within the same IP address.
    • Keep in mind that, if both PCs are connected to a VPN, you have to make sure they are connected to the same VPN server, otherwise simultaneous login will not be possible.

Do not try to share your account!

Doing so will terminate your license right away, due to a violation of our Terms of Service.


How do I add money?

If you are a VIP user, you can use the Business Manager. It will make money in the background while you play the game.

Can I load ASI scripts (such as Menyoo)?

No. 2Take1Menu uses DFC instead of natives, and thus does not provide support for ScriptHookV.

How can I see info (money, rank, IP, SCID...) of a player in my lobby?

Player Info Window

What do the letters next to people names mean?

Player Flags

How can I get the SCID of a player that isn't in my lobby?
  • Search the username from this API.
  • Ask our bot sub0to with the command $scid username.
  • Use a browser plugin.
Can I teleport a player to a specific location?

No. That was patched by Rockstar ages ago. You can only send them Apartment Invites, or grab them while in a vehicle with the Editor Mode and teleport it along with you.

Can I gift vehicles?

Not really. You can spawn cars that cost below $50000 and have others sell them, but that is it.


What is RAC?

RAC stands for Rockstar Anti-Cheat.

It means that a player has been flagged by the anti-cheat (mainly by using a bad menu), but this doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be banned.

What are Script and Network Events?

GTA is a P2P game. This means that the session is started and held by the players (clients) in it. This is the reason why every lobby needs a Session Host and a Script Host in order to regulate the network traffic.

In this topology, clients in a lobby sync to each other by sending events over the network (to and from other players). These are known as Network Events, and are defined and handled by the RAGE engine.

There's also one special type of Network Events. These are known as Script Events, and are defined and handled by the game scripts instead.

Script and Network Events are mostly harmless and handled autonomously by the game. However, modders may also manipulate them and send events to other clients manually, for good or bad purposes.

  1. With that said, modding always has a small risk. You shouldn't use mods in accounts that are important to you. By using 2Take1Menu, you agree with taking full responsibility of your GTA accounts. 

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