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Recommended Protections

If you are not sure about how to use these protection features, make sure you check out the following guide, created by the 2Take1 Tester and Staff team.

Protections Guide

Disable Background Script#

The background script is used by Rockstar to push code and perform live updates on the online game. Disabling this script will protect you from hot updates from Rockstar.

Block Crash#

Stop modders from crashing your game. You can also get notifications of certain crash attempts.

Block Script Event Kick#

Stop modders from kicking you out of the lobby through any kind of Script Events. If you want to get notifications of incoming kick events, use event hooks.

There are some exceptions however:

  • Host kick – This kick cannot be blocked, but only the Session Host can perform it.
  • Desync kick – This kick cannot be blocked either, but it will not work on the Session Host.
  • Vote kicks – The kick itself cannot be blocked, but if you kick or crash those players who vote you, their votes will be removed.

Block Reports#

When a player in your lobby reports you from the Pause menu, the report first goes through your client, and then it is sent to the Rockstar servers and added to your statistics. This feature allows you to discard the report before it reaches the server.

The report statistics can only be edited by the server. Reports that already reached the server, or that were submitted from the Social Club website, cannot be removed at all.

Block Collectable Drops#

Stop modders from dropping certain collectables (such as RP) on you. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Block Money Drops#

Stop modders from dropping money on you. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Block Attachments#

Stop modders from attaching entities to you. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Block Cage Objects#

Stop modders from trapping you inside entities. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Clear Attachments#

Remove any entity attached to you.

Block Clones#

Stop modders from spawning clones of your ped on you. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Block Model Changes#

Stop modders from changing your character model. You can also get notifications of players attempting so.

Block From Modders#

These filters prevent players marked as modders from sending events and entities to you, helping stop possible attacks. These are your last line of defence, and they rely on a proper modder detection.

You may block the following events from modders:

  • Global broadcast (blocks everything)
  • Script events
  • Network events
  • Automobiles
  • Bikes
  • Boats
  • Cunts (makes the player appear frozen)
  • Doors
  • Helicopters
  • Objects
  • Pedestrians
  • Pick-ups
  • Pick-up placements
  • Submarines
  • Trailers
  • Trains

Rockstar Admin Detection#

Make 2Take1 scan for Rockstar admins joining your lobby. When an admin is detected, you may receive a notification, bail from the lobby, or both.

There are three ways to detect an admin. You may enable these detections individually, as well as the action to take when they are triggered:

  • By SCID – Triggers when the SCID of the client matches a known list of admin SCIDs.
  • By Dev Flag – Triggers when the client toggles the is_rockstar_dev native.
  • By IP address – Triggers when the IP address of the client matches a known Take-Two subnet.

These detections are not flawless, as modders are able to spoof their info to impersonate a Rockstar admin. False positives are possible.

Block Spectate Detection#

Stop other modders from receiving notifications if you spectate them.

Notify When Someone Spectates Me#

Display a notification when someone is spectating you.

Notify When Modder Is Detected#

Display a notification when a player gets marked as modder, as well as the reason of the detection.

Notify When Someone Drops Cash#

Display a notification when someone drops money in your session.

Enforce ASCII Player Names#

Force the player list to use ASCII characters for the player names, as some Unicode characters are known to crash the game.

Block Big Vehicles#

Prevent certain big vehicles from mass spawning around you, which is a common crash method used by mod menus. You may choose a maximum amount of big vehicles that may be spawned before getting deleted, as well as a radius of detection.

The following vehicles will be affected:

  • Blimp
  • Blimp2
  • Titan
  • Jet
  • Rhino
  • Lazer
  • Buzzard
  • Spinning Anus
  • Cargoplane
  • Avenger
  • Avenger2
  • Kosatka
  • Hydra

Mission Launcher#

Prevent modders from launching missions in your lobby, and optionally get notifications of people attempting so. You may also whitelist friends, as well as legit Freemode events.

Ped Throttling#

This feature allows 2Take1 to stop modders spamming peds on you, by limiting how many peds may be spawned/synced within a certain radius around you in a defined timespan. If a player tries to spawn/sync X peds in Y seconds within Z distance, 2Take1 will block further ped syncs from that player.

You may change the ped limit, radius and interval (seconds). Optionally, you may also clean (remove) all spawned peds.

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