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Casino/Perico Heist Features⚓︎

Remove Cameras⚓︎

Delete all the security cameras that are currently rendered.

Remove Security Guards⚓︎

Delete, shoot or kill all the security guards that are currently rendered.

Unlock All Doors⚓︎

Open all the doors during the Cayo Perico Heist.

Remove Vault Clutter⚓︎

Delete unnecessary obstacles from the vault, leaving only the loot.

Perico Prep⚓︎

Teleport your character to all the bolt cutters, grappling hooks and clothing in Cayo Perico while scoping up.

Casino Bot⚓︎

Simultaneous login

You are allowed to run 2Take1 on two computers at the same time, as long as they are connected to the same network.

The Casino bot allows you to perform a Casino Heist on your own if you have two PCs and two Social Club accounts with GTA V. While you play on one PC, the other will become a NPC that takes control of the character and follows you.

Once enabled, the client that is running the bot will follow one of the players in the heist. This is the master player, and in order to tell the bot which player it must follow, you must specify the ID of said player (0, 1, 2 or 3). You may use the Player Info Window to see the player IDs.

Besides following you, there are many actions that the bot is able to do:

  • Warp To Vehicle – The bot will teleport to any vehicle that the master player enters.
  • Rubberband – Set a maximum distance of separation between the master player and the bot. If it is exceeded, the bot will teleport closer.
  • Casino Heist Doors – The bot will use the keycard to go through the double-swipe doors at the mantrap.
  • Casino Heist Loot – The bot will loot the targets in a set order once you reach the vault.
  • Casino Heist Safety Deposit – The bot will loot the daily deposit if you walk by it.