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Weather and Time⚓︎

Pause Clock⚓︎

Freeze the game clock at the current hour and minute. The game might still try to force a set time, especially during missions.

Set Hour/Minute⚓︎

Ses the hour and minute of the game clock. If you are pausing the clock, disable the feature before changing the time. Use the Clear Time Override feature to undo it.

Override Weather⚓︎

Ignore the current weather and override it with one of your choice. The game might still try to force a set weather, especially during missions.

Disable Fog⚓︎

Remove the distant fog, allowing you to see the entire landscape from afar.

Disable Rain/Snow⚓︎

Prevent rain and snow from falling.

Disable Snow Mist⚓︎

Remove the snow mist that floats above the ground.