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Aiming Assistance⚓︎

No Spread⚓︎

Force the bullets to always travel to the center of your crosshair.

No Recoil⚓︎

Disable the effect of recoil while shooting a weapon, allowing you to always keep the crosshair stable.


Make your weapon shoot automatically as soon as the crosshair is placed on a target. The target must be within the range of the weapon. You can enable it for either players or NPCs (or both); for peds, make sure to set up the Ped Filters accordingly.


Lock your crosshair on the first target you aim your weapon to. The target must be within the range of the weapon. You can enable it for either players or NPCs (or both); for the latter, make sure to set up the Ped Filters correctly. You can also enable this feature within vehicles.

Exclude Friends⚓︎

Make Triggerbot and Aimbot ignore your Social Club friends. This setting can be applied to either feature individually.

Aimbot In Vehicles⚓︎

Makes the Aimbot work while you're in a vehicle. This only works in third person camera modes.

Aimbot Bone⚓︎

Choose the part of the body where the Aimbot will lock the crosshair. It is set to the head by default.

Aimbot FOV⚓︎

Define the area around the crosshair where the Aimbot will look for targets to lock on to. Higher values will increase the detection area for the aimbot, making it stick to nearby targets like a magnet. Possible values range between 1 and 90, with the default value being 1.

Aimbot Delay⚓︎

Set a re-engagement delay for the Aimbot, in miliseconds. By doing this, when the engaged target is lost (either killed or out of sight), the aimbot will wait a bit before it starts to look for a new target to engage.

Aimbot Visibility Check⚓︎

Make the Aimbot check whether the target is covered behind an object. If that is the case, the aimbot will not engage it, or will stop doing so.


Make the Aimbot track the target with smooth movements, in order to help simulate the aiming style of a human. This becomes especially noticeable when you engage multiple targets consecutively, or when you engage a target that is moving at high speed. You can set the speed of the smoothing effect.

Lead Time⚓︎

Make the Aimbot aim slightly in front of the target, allowing you to compensate the travel time of the bullets. This becomes especially useful when you engage a moving target from a long distance. By default, the travel time will be calculated automatically, based on the distance to the target and its speed; however, you can also apply a manual offset to this automated calculation. You can also enable debug text showing the offsets that 2Take1 applies every time.

FOV Indicator⚓︎

Draw a circle on screen, that indicates how close you have to aim before the aimbot will snap to a target.

Target Indicator⚓︎

Show information about what you are aiming to. You can customize the spacing, size, thickness and color of the text.

Custom Crosshair⚓︎

Replace the crosshair of the weapon with a custom one, which you can set to be always enabled, or only while aiming. You can also customize the size, thickness and color of the crosshair. Optionally, you can exclude the homing launcher and the sniper rifles from using this crosshair, as their special HUDs could be negatively affected.

Ped Filters⚓︎

Set which type of pedestrians will be targeted by Aimbot and Triggerbot, when they are set to NPCs. Possible choices are:

  • Mission enemies (marked as red blips)
  • Police and Army peds
  • Fireman and Paramedic peds
  • Gang members

Triggerbot and Aimbot will only target the peds that you choose. If none is selected, neither feature will work on NPCs.