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Join Manipulation#

2Take1 is able to detect players joining your lobby and decide what to do with them.

Join Timeout#

This feature lets you stop certain players (or everyone) from joining your lobby at all. Those who are targeted by this feature while attempting to join, will stay in the clouds and eventually disconnect from the lobby.

Join Timeout works in a similar way to the Block Join Requests feature, with two key differences:

  • You do not need to be session host, whereas it is mandatory for Block Join Requests
  • The joining player will be able to establish basic connections with the lobby before leaving, whereas Block Join Requests rejects the connection at the very beginning.

The following options are available:

  • Whitelist friends – You can exclude all your Social Club friends from the timeout feature.
  • Block all – No one will be able to join your lobby.
  • Altered host token – Any joining player with a modified peer token will be blocked.
  • SCID spoof – Any joining player with a spoofed SCID will be blocked.
  • SCID join – Any modder who joins you by SCID will be blocked.
  • FakeFriends Blacklist – You can prevent specific players from joining your lobby.

Join Redirect#

VIP feature

This feature allows you to stop people from joining you by SCID, and instead redirect them to another SCID that is online. This feature has priority over the Timeout blacklist, since the joining player is never able to enter your lobby.

If you set 0 as the SCID to redirect to, modders will be completely unable to join you by SCID, as their games will think that you are offline.

You may also set redirections to the SCID of a fake friend right away.

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