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Business Manager⚓︎

The Business Manager allows 2Take1 to manage your businesses autonomously. While you are playing and doing other stuff, 2Take1 will resupply your businesses and sell the generated stock, sending you the money afterwards.All these operations are handled silently in the background, so you do not have to complete any resupply or sale missions at all.

This feature is compatible with the following businesses, which you must own:

Keep in mind

The BM can only manage active businesses. Make sure that you have completed the first setup mission(s) for them.

The Nightclub has 7 hub businesses, however you can only hire 5 technicians for them. Hub businesses without a technician cannot be managed by the BM.

Due to GTA issues, it might take some time for the BM to detect the businesses after setting them up, especially the MC Weed one.

  • Bunker (Gunrunning, but NOT Research)
  • Acid Lab
  • Nightclub Safe (keep the popularity at 90%)
  • MC businesses (purchased from the Clubhouse laptop)
    • Cocaine Lockup
    • Metamphetamine Lab
    • Weed Farm
    • Document Forgery Office
    • Counterfeit Cash Factory
  • Nightclub Warehouse (must own the respective businesses)
    • Cargo and Shipments (Special Cargo or Smuggler's Cargo)
    • Sporting Goods (Gunrunning)
    • South American Imports (Cocaine)
    • Pharmaceutical Research (Meth)
    • Organic Products (Weed)
    • Printing & Copying (Forgery)
    • Cash Creation (Counterfeit)

Once you enable the business manager, it will scan for your businesses, and after that, you may configure it to:

  • Resupply – whenever any of your businesses run out of supplies.
  • Improve Production – allowing your businesses to generate product faster.
  • Sell Stock – as soon as any business is full of product.
  • Show an overlay – with real-time information about the status of your businesses (supplies, product and amount of goods). You can change the position, size, color and alignment of the overlay as you wish.