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Get Started#

A video is worth a thousand words.

As long as you have an active license, you can download the menu files from the main website after logging in with your account. Once you download the files, which will come bundled in a ZIP package, extract them to any folder of your liking, and follow these steps:

It is not a virus

If you have any active antivirus software, such as Microsoft Defender, it will interfere with the menu files and try to delete them.

Don't worry, this is a false positive. The menu files are not harmful to your computer.

Disable your antivirus, or add an exclusion that prevents it from scanning the menu files.

  1. Make sure your game is closed, and run the Launcher.exe file with admin privileges.
  2. Type your username and password from the website, and press Enter.
  3. Wait until you see the message Waiting for GTA5.exe.
  4. Run GTA normally and wait until you are in the main selection screen, or in Single Player / Online.
  5. Click on the Inject button when you're ready. You will see a splash screen on your game once it loads.

Anything wrong? Any questions?

Usage Guide#

You can inject and uninject the menu at any time, but do not close the Popstar launcher while playing, otherwise your game will crash.

Features in 2Take1Menu are arranged in three tabs (Local, Online and Spawn), and you can move between them freely.

When you load the menu for the first time, you will see a tutorial explaining how to navigate through the menu; press Enter to go through it.


Make sure you have Num Lock enabled on your keyboard, and then use the following keys to navigate through the menu:

  • Num - to open or close the menu.
  • Num 5 to select a feature or enter a submenu.
  • Num 0 to go back.
  • Num 8 and Num 2 to move up and down.
  • Num 4 and Num 6 to change the value of a feature.
  • Num 7 and Num 9 to move between tabs.
  • F9 to save your settings.
  • F12 to uninject (hold for ½ second).

If you want to use other keys to control the menu, or if you have a TKL keyboard (without a numeric pad), you can change these keys.

There are also certain features that you can toggle with the press of a key (hotkeys), which you can also change. By default, the following ones are set (there are more):


Enable Controller Support, close the menu with keyboard, and then use the following buttons to navigate through the menu:

  • RT + to open or close the menu.
  • A to select a feature or enter a submenu.
  • B to go back.
  • and to move up and down.
  • and to change the value of a feature.
  • LB and RB to move between tabs.

Keep in mind that the menu will only respond to the device that opened it. For example, if you open the menu with controller, you can only move around and close it with the controller.

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