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Lobby Options#

Join New Lobby#

Join a new lobby right away. You can choose the type of lobby to join:

  • Go (any type of lobby)
  • Join Public
  • Start New Public
  • Closed Crew
  • Crew Session
  • Closed Friend
  • Find Friends
  • Solo
  • Invite Only
  • Join Crew
  • SC TV (lets you spectate lobbys)

Bail / Netsplit#

You will desync from the rest of players, and thus be left alone in a solo public lobby.

SCID Join#

Join a specific player by typing their SCID. This feature is able to bypass SCID spoof.

VIP feature

Force Script Host#

Force your client to become Script Host of the lobby. Note that this could make the lobby unstable.

VIP feature

Reveal OTR Players#

Show on map any player who is Off the Radar or using Ghost Organization.

VIP feature

Mission Launcher#

Start a mission and force every player in your lobby into it, including yourself (unless you disable local launching).

  • Intro (GTA Online tutorial)
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Pilot School
  • One on One DM
  • Arcades
  • Freemode Events
  • Break Shit (break the lobby in 5 different ways)

VIP feature

Host Options#

A collection of features at your disposal, although you can only use them if you are session host of the lobby. Features with a are VIP exclusive:

  • Block Join Requests – Reject requests from other players attempting to join your lobby. Unlike the join timeout feature, the connection will not stablish at all.
  • Lobby Spoofer – Spoof the information of all the players in your lobby, including yourself. You can change the username, SCID (randomized), IP address and host token counter.

Log Joining/Leaving Players#

Listen for all players joining or leaving your lobby (timestamp, ID, name, real SCID and spoofed SCID). You can write the info to the menu log, show a notification on screen, or both:


Set Targeting Mode#

Set the targeting mode of the whole lobby for controller users (free, free assisted, assisted partal or assisted full).

Clear Area#

Wipe every entity (vehicles, peds, objects, etc) within a certain area around you. You can set a radius between 5 and 100 meters, and the feature will render a red sphere to help you visualize the area that will be cleared. Note that your game could crash if you delete certain entities or spam this feature.

Mass Player Interrupt#

Stop you from appearing in the game for everyone. This will limit drastically how the players can interact with you.

VIP feature

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