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Lobby Options⚓︎

Join New Lobby⚓︎

Join a new lobby right away. You can choose the type of lobby to join:

  • Go (any type of lobby)
  • Join Public
  • Start New Public
  • Closed Crew
  • Crew Session
  • Closed Friend
  • Find Friends
  • Solo
  • Invite Only
  • Join Crew
  • SC TV (lets you spectate lobbys)

Bail / Netsplit⚓︎

You will desync from the rest of players, and thus be left alone in a solo public lobby.

SCID Join⚓︎

Join a specific player by typing their SCID.

Speed Up Joining⚓︎

Accelerate the process of joining a lobby, which can sometimes avoid getting "stuck in the clouds".

Force Script Host⚓︎

Force your client to become Script Host of the lobby. Note that this could make the lobby unstable.

Mission Launcher⚓︎

Start a mission and force every player in your lobby into it, including yourself (unless you disable local launching).

  • Intro (GTA Online tutorial)
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Pilot School
  • One on One DM
  • Arcades
  • Freemode Events
  • Break Shit (break the lobby in 5 different ways)

Block Join Requests⚓︎

Reject requests from other players attempting to join your lobby. Once enabled, nobody will be able to join your lobby, and there is no way to circumvent it. You must be session host in order to use this feature.

Session Type Override⚓︎

Change the type of your session on the fly; changes will be applied automatically. Players that are currently in your lobby will stay; however, join requests from other players will be accepted or rejected according to the rules of your lobby type. You must be session host in order to use this feature.

Host Token Counter Spoof⚓︎

Spoof the host token of people with spoofed host tokens for everyone else when they join a session. You must be session host in order to use this feature. You must be session host in order to use this feature.

Lobby Spoofer⚓︎

Spoof the information of all the players in your lobby, including yourself. You can change the username, SCID (randomized), IP address and host token counter. You must be session host in order to use this feature.

Log Joining/Leaving Players⚓︎

Listen for all players joining or leaving your lobby (timestamp, ID, name, real SCID and spoofed SCID). You can write the info to the menu log, show a notification on screen, or both:


Matchmaking Region⚓︎

Change the region where GTA will look for players to join. You can choose from:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • North America
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Africa & South America
  • Central America

Set Targeting Mode⚓︎

Set the targeting mode of the whole lobby for controller users (free, free assisted, assisted partal or assisted full).

Clear Area⚓︎

Wipe every entity (vehicles, peds, objects, etc) within a certain area around you. You can set a radius between 5 and 100 meters, and the feature will render a red sphere to help you visualize the area that will be cleared. Note that your game could crash if you delete certain entities or spam this feature.

Mass Player Interrupt⚓︎

Stop you from appearing in the game for everyone. This will limit drastically how the players can interact with you.