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Shared Locations

Our Discord server allows members to share their teleport locations.

Copy shared coordinates from the sharing channel and append them at the end of the tele.cfg file (or replace the whole file).

More information below.

2Take1Menu allows you to teleport to virtually anywhere in the map, whether you are on foot or in a vehicle. If you teleport while you are in a vehicle, all passengers will be teleported along with it.

You can choose from a wide set of predefined locations, warp to a waypoint, bring business supplies to you, or create your own list of locations.

Optionally, you can spice up your teleportation with clown/alien post-effects that will make your appearance more dramatic.

Waypoint / Mission Objective⚓︎

The quickest way to teleport is to just mark in the map where you want to go. You can also teleport to a mission objective (such as the yellow markers on the map); if there are many markers in the map at the same time, you will teleport to the closest one.

Since waypoints do not have a Z coordinate, you will teleport to the highest ground level at the waypoint location. For example, if you set a waypoint to the Kosatka, you will teleport to the bottom of the ocean.

Business Supplies⚓︎

You can speed up your grinding by retrieving the businesss supplies during missions, as long as they are marked with a blip on the radar.





You can invite yourself to any of your properties or garages instantaneously. Note that this feature will only work on GTA Online.


You can teleport inside a vehicle, or pull the vehicle itself to your location. The following options are available:

  • Teleport inside your personal vehicle (based on its blip)
  • Teleport your personal vehicle to your location (based on its blip)
  • Teleport inside the last vehicle you were in (as long it is still rendered)
  • Teleport the last vehicle you were in towards you (as long as it is still rendered)
  • Teleport to a nearby vehicle (the closest to you within a certain range)


You can enable an IPL, such as the Aircraft Carrier or North Yankton, and teleport to it. The IPL will be rendered somewhere in the map, albeit only for you.

Predefined Places⚓︎

Teleport to a collection of predefined locations:

  • Businesses (based on your personal blips)
  • Interiors
  • Activities
  • Shops
  • Contests
  • Mors Mutual Insurance
  • LSIA runway
  • Sandy Shores airfield
  • Mount Chilliad
  • Maze Bank Tower top
  • Vinewood sign
  • Military base
  • High in the air
  • Your yacht (based on your personal blip)

Custom Locations⚓︎

You may also define your own locations to teleport to, and share them with others. This way, you can create a list of commonly visited locations, such as sniping areas or parking lots.

Custom locations are also perfect for collectable items and points of interest. Adding their coordinates as custom locations allows you to keep them all in a "teleport sheet" that you can use, for example, to find all the stunt jumps and scope-up zones in Casino and Cayo Perico heists. Sharing your sheets with friends will also allow them to pick all the collectables in seconds, without having to go through a long YouTube video.

2Take1 already comes with a collection of custom locations (mainly for Single Player props and challenges) arranged by categories. In order to manage custom locations, you must edit edit the tele.cfg file located within your menu settings.

Managing teleport locations