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Become a Partner⚓︎

The 2Take1 team allows third-party users to sell menu licenses on their own. By becoming a partner, you will be able to bring more people to 2Take1 while earning profit in the process.

The reseller business model⚓︎

As a 2Take1 partner, you can buy credit from the Popstar Devs, which you may use to generate any type of menu license at the official prices using a Discord bot (1 credit = 1 EUR). You are allowed to sell those licenses or give them away.

Resellers purchase credit from Popstar Devs, by sending the money as cryptocurrencies. The minimum bulk that you can send at a time is 1000 EUR.

2Take1 resellers benefit from 100% ROI. This means that, for every EUR you send, you will receive twice as many credits. For example, if you send 1500 EUR, you will receive 3000 EUR worth of credits.

By becoming a partner, you will receive a special role in our community servers, and will be allowed to advertise your services.

Reseller Code of Conduct

  1. You will be solely responsible for the services that you provide to your customers, as well as the licenses that you generate. The 2Take1 team may not be held liable for any issues with your services.
  2. When you purchase credit, you must make sure that both the crypto address and network, as well as the amount (including any transaction overhead), are correct. Popstar Devs may not be held liable for incorrect or lost transactions.
  3. Any form of intrusive advertisement or promotion activity that undermines other resellers or provides a misleading image of the 2Take1 team and our services is strictly forbidden.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Selling your licenses below the official prices.
    • Mass messaging individuals and/or communities.
    • Claiming any further affiliation with the 2Take1 team beyond the partnership itself.
  4. Credit purchases are subject to availability from the Popstar Devs.

Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in the invalidation of your credits and unused license keys, as well as the termination of your partnership with the 2Take1 team.

How to start?⚓︎

Send a Direct Message to any available staff member, confirming that you have read and understood the contents in this page and agree with them, and they will inform you about how to proceed.