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Editor Mode⚓︎

2Take1's Editor allows you to mess around with any entity (vehicles, peds and objects).

Aim at any entity with your weapon and press E to hold it. Move it around with the mouse, and press E again to toss it.

Additional Features⚓︎

  • Delete – Delete the entity that you are holding.
  • Enter Vehicle – Teleport into the the entity if it is a vehicle.
  • Enter As Passenger – Enter into a free passenger seat, rather than the driver seat.
  • Distance – Set the distance between you and the entity.
  • Display Type – Display the type of the entity.
  • Display Coords – Display the XYZ coordinates of the entity.
  • Display Rotation – Display the rotation angle on XYZ axis of the entity.
  • Display Rotation Offset – Display the rotation variation on XYZ axis of the entity as you rotate it.
  • Display Freeze Status – Display whether the entity is frozen in place.
  • LOD Dist – Changes from how far away the entity is visible.
  • Freeze Position – Freeze the entity in place when dropping it.
  • Invisible – Render the entity invisible when dropping it.
  • Enable Rotation – Rotate the entity on its XYZ axis while the menu is closed.
  • Relative Rotation – When you pick up an entity, it will have its rotation axis reset, and the X axis will stay relative to you.
  • Rotation XYZ – Set the absolute rotation angle of the entity for each axis.
  • Builder Mode – When enabled, entites you pick up will stick to the ground, allowing for a more accurate building experience.
    • Z Offset – Set an offset in the Z position for the entity (negatives will place it below the ground, and positives will place it above the ground).
    • Display Z Offset – Show the Z offset of the entity.
    • Grid – Restrict the XY positions of the entity to an invisible grid, for more accurate positioning. You can set the size of the grid.
    • Pointer – Display a line between you and the entity.
  • Vehicle Builder – When enabled, you can point your picked entity to a vehicle, and it will be attached to the vehicle. You can see a preview of how the entity and the vehicle will be glued together before actually attaching them.
    • Pointer – Display a line between you and the vehicle.
    • Mirror – Attach an additional clone of the entity to the vehicle, in the opposite side.
  • Enable Throw Mode – Launch the entity in the direction of the camera when dropping it.