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Editor Mode#

2Take1's Editor allows you to mess around with any entity (vehicles, peds and objects).

Default Controls#

Assuming that you have not changed the keybinds, these are the controls:

  1. Aim at any entity and press E to hold it.
  2. Move the mouse around and use the wheel to pull the entity closer or further.
  3. Use the numeric keys to rotate the entity (if Rotation is enabled):
    • Num 2 and Num 8 for the X axis.
    • Num 4 and Num 6 for the Y axis.
    • Num 7 and Num 9 for the Z axis.
  4. Press:
    • E to drop the entity (or throw it, if Throw Mode is enabled).
    • F to enter the entity, if it is a vehicle.
    • Del to delete the entity.
    • End to freeze the entity.

Additional Features#

  • Delete – Delete the entity that you are holding.
  • Enter Vehicle – Teleport into the the entity if it is a vehicle.
  • Enter As Passenger – Enter into a free passenger seat, rather than the driver seat.
  • Distance – Set the distance between you and the entity.
  • Display Type – Display the type of the entity.
  • Display Coords – Display the XYZ coordinates of the entity.
  • Display Rotation – Display the rotation angle on XYZ axis of the entity.
  • Display Rotation Offset – Display the rotation variation on XYZ axis of the entity as you rotate it.
  • Display Freeze Status – Display whether the entity is frozen in place.
  • Freeze Position – Freeze the entity in place when dropping it.
  • Invisible – Render the entity invisible when dropping it.
  • Enable Rotation – Rotate the entity on its XYZ axis while the menu is closed.
  • Relative Rotation – When you pick up an entity, it will have its rotation axis reset, and the X axis will stay relative to you.
  • Rotation XYZ – Set the absolute rotation angle of the entity for each axis.
  • Builder Mode – When enabled, entites you pick up will stick to the ground, allowing for a more accurate building experience.
    • Z Offset – Set an offset in the Z position for the entity (negatives will place it below the ground, and positives will place it above the ground).
    • Display Z Offset – Show the Z offset of the entity.
    • Grid – Restrict the XY positions of the entity to an invisible grid, for more accurate positioning. You can set the size of the grid.
    • Pointer – Display a line between you and the entity.
  • Vehicle Builder – When enabled, you can point your picked entity to a vehicle, and it will be attached to the vehicle. You can see a preview of how the entity and the vehicle will be glued together before actually attaching them.
    • Pointer – Display a line between you and the vehicle.
    • Mirror – Attacj an additional clone of the entity to the vehicle, in the opposite side.
  • Enable Throw Mode – Launch the entity in the direction of the camera when dropping it.
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