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Online Players⚓︎

Show info of players

The Player Info Window feature displays a lot of useful information about players from your lobby.

This section contains features that have some effect on a specific player in your lobby. Players will be displayed in 2Take1, and you can choose which one to target with the features. Players are sorted by ID (slot), although you can change this behavior to sort by join time or name.

Next to the name of the players, 2Take1 is able to display special flags with additional information:

  • [Y]Yourself.
  • [F]Social Club friend.
  • [H]Session host.

    Regulates the access of new and existing players to the lobby. It is applied on clients following a queue and until the player leaves, although you can alter your position in the queue by spoofing your host token. Among other perks, this host is able to kick anyone out of the lobby or prevent players from joining it.

  • [S]Script host.

    Regulates the traffic of network events throughout the lobby. It is migrated over time between clients, although you can force it on yourself. If this host has a poor Internet connection or makes a bad use of event hooks, the whole lobby may become unstable.

  • [A]Rockstar administrator.

    Admins are detected by their SCID and IP address. Note that it could be another player spoofing as an admin, but be careful anyway.

  • [D]Rockstar developer.

    Devs are detected by the is_rockstar_dev native. Note that it could be another player spoofing as a dev, but be careful anyway.

  • [I]Inactive player.

    This flag is set on players whose character is not fully loaded into the game (such as while still joining the lobby or that became "ghosted" with mods).

  • [M]Modder.

    2Take1 includes several tools to detect modders in your lobby. You can be notified about their presence, and prevent many directed attacks that could bypass the global protections of the menu.

  • [C] - Cheater.

    Cheaters are detected by the network_player_is_cheater native.

Track Player⚓︎

When Player ESP is enabled individually, it will only track this player instead of everyone, which is very useful when you want to engage or chase a certain player in Freemode.

Block Filters⚓︎

These filters prevent this specific player from sending events and entities to you, helping stop possible attacks. These are your last line of defence, and you should only use them on people that you suspect to be malicious. You may also apply these filters to anyone who is marked as modder; see Block from Modders.

You may block the following events from a player:

  • Global broadcast (blocks everything)
  • Script events
  • Automobiles
  • Bikes
  • Boats
  • Cunts (makes the player appear frozen)
  • Doors
  • Helicopters
  • Objects
  • Pedestrians
  • Pick-ups
  • Pick-up placements
  • Submarines
  • Trailers
  • Trains

Spectate Player⚓︎

You can see what this player is doing through the spectator camera. However, it will not work if the player is in a different interior than you.

Add to Join Timeout Blacklist⚓︎

Add this player's username and SCID to the Join Timeout blacklist, preventing them from joining your lobby in the future.

Add as Fake Friend⚓︎

Add this player as a fake friend, allowing you to join them as if they were an actual friend.

Teleport to Player⚓︎

Teleport to this player in many ways:

  • Teleport once.
  • Follow player (teleport constantly).
  • Teleport into their vehicle.
  • Hijack their vehicle (teleport into driver seat).

Modder Detection⚓︎

Mark this player as a modder manually, or remove the tag from them. Players marked as modders will be flagged as such in 2Take1's player list, and you can limit what they can send to you (see Block from Modders). You can also whitelist this specific player from the modder detection.

Pick-up Drops⚓︎

Drop health kits, armour vests or snacks on this player. You can also drop some of these items non-stop.

Remote Weapons⚓︎

Give or remove certain weapons (or all of them) from this player's inventory. Any given or removed weapon will be reverted when the player joins a new lobby.


This is a collection of features that will allow you to annoy the player in many ways.

  • Explode

    Blow up this player. You can select the type of explosion, or set the feature to explode them non-stop. If you select the Blamed variant, you will show up as the killer.

  • Explode Nearby Players Blamed

    Blow up anyone nearby and blame the kills on this player.

  • Bitch Slap Blamed

    Kill this player, bypassing passive mode. You will show up as the killer.

  • Clear Tasks / Freeze

    Stop this player in place for a brief moment, or keep them constantly locked in place.

  • Sound Spam

    Loop annoyingly loud sounds on the target's game.

  • Trap in Cage

    Spawn a cage around this player, trapping them inside with no possibility to move. VIP users may also spawn an invisible cage.

  • Trap in Stunt Tube

    Spawn a stunt tube around this player, trapping them inside with limited movement area. VIP users may also spawn an invisible tube.

  • Glitch Vehicle

    Render this player's vehicle completely unusable.

  • Send Cris Formage

    Spawn 8 hostile Cris Formage peds around this player that will attack them with carbines.

  • Kill Passive Player

    Blow up this player using a special explosion that can bypass Passive Mode.

  • Send Jets

    Send up to 16 NPC-controlled Hydra jets to chase and kill this player. The jets will chase the player across the whole map, and if shot down, they will respawn.

  • Send Griefer Jesus

    Send an overpowered NPC with explosive ammo and the ability to respawn, that will chase this player in his car to kill them. Jesus might take up to a minute to chase the player, since he spawns away.

  • Send Mugger

    Send a mugger to the target that will incapacitate them for a while and steal $10,000 from their pocket. This is a shortcut to the service from Lamar.

  • Send Hit Squad

    Send mercenaries to the target that will attack them. This is a shortcut to the service from Merryweather.

  • Launch Vehicle

    Boost this player's vehicle upwards or forward. Make sure you are close to the player, or spectating them.

  • Burst Tires

    Pop a specific tire (or all of them) of this player's vehicle, even if they are bulletproof.

  • Destroy Personal Vehicle

    Destroy the active personal vehicle of this player.

  • Dead Clones

    Spawn lifeless clones of the player's ped constantly on them.

  • Prison

    Build a prison around a garage and send this player to that garage, trapping them inside. You can teleport yourself to the prison as well.

  • Infinite Apartment Invite

    Loop endless apartment invites to keep this player stuck in a black screen.

  • Send To Island Party

    Send this player to the beach party at Cayo Perico island.

  • Vehicle Kick

    Force this player out of their vehicle.

  • Vehicle EMP

    Use the EMP event from Arena War to disable the engine of this player's vehicle for a while. You may send this event anonymously or revealing your name.

  • Clone Bodyguard

    Spawn a clone of this player to act as a bodyguard for them.

Remote Wanted Level⚓︎

Give a number of wanted stars to this player, or clear their wanted level. You can also lock the player's wanted level at 0, so that cops will never chase them.

Steal Outfit⚓︎

Clone the outfit of this player into your own ped, including their hairstyle and make-up. You cannot steal the outfit of a player whose gender is different to yours.

Apartment Invite⚓︎

Teleport this player to an apartment of your choice. If the player does not own that apartment, they will be kicked out of it afterwards.

Remote Organization⚓︎

Interact with the organization of this player in many ways:

  • Invite to organization – Send the player an invite to join your organization.
  • Invite self to organization – Force the player to send you an invite to join their organization.
  • Start Mission – Trigger one of the following missions for the player's organization (both CEO and associates/bodyguards): Sightseer, Hostile Takeover, Headhunter, Special Warehouse Defend (random warehouse).

Entity Spam⚓︎

Send lots of peds or huge vehicles to this player, in order to fill their entity pools and make them crash. 2Take1 will stop sending entities when the calculated pools are full.

  • Ped: Custom input (type the model name of a ped afterwards)
  • Ped: Beach
  • Ped: Franklin
  • Ped: Michael
  • Ped: Trevor
  • Vehicle: Jet
  • Vehicle: Cargoplane

Send Player Interrupt⚓︎

Stop you from appearing in the game for this player. This will limit drastically how the player can interact with you. In order to revert this feature, you must leave the lobby and join back.

Send Text Message⚓︎

Send a text message to this player using the built-in feature of the game.

Give Script Host⚓︎

Force this player to become the Script Host of the session.

Block Chat⚓︎

Prevent this player from typing on the lobby chat.

Host Kick⚓︎

Kick this player out of the lobby using a host event, which cannot be blocked. You must be session host to use this feature.

Script Kick⚓︎

Kick this player out of the lobby using a regular script event.

5G Crash⚓︎

Hack into the traffic cameras and make them emit 5G to crash the target. Due to the short range of 5G, the target must be near traffic and you should be next to them or spectating them.

Fragment Crash⚓︎

Explode the target's brain into a million fragments. You must be close and/or spectating for best results

Bro Hug Crash⚓︎

Send a hug filled with the love of family to crash a player, because nothing is stronger than family. The family is so powerful that it will also crash other players that are close to the target, although it will be easier for the family's love to reach the target if you are next to them or spectating them.