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Ped Spawner⚓︎

2Take1 allows you to spawn any pedestrian of the game. There are lots of pedestrians that can be spawned (check the model changer for an exhaustive list). Peds may also be given a weapon when spawned if you wish.

Ped Types⚓︎

You can change the type of pedestrian before spawning them, which will change their behavior:

  • Ped – Acts like a regular ped, behaving in the exact same way as when found in the streets.
  • Bodyguard – Follows you wherever you go, enters your vehicle, and attacks anyone who attacks you, including cops, mission enemies, or other players.
  • Hostile – Attacks you when spawned.

Bodyguard Options⚓︎

Bodyguard pedestrians can also be configured in many ways.

  • Godmode – The bodyguards will never take damage or flinch.
  • Give Weapon – Give an additional weapon to the bodyguards.
  • Remove Weapons – Remove all weapons from the bodyguards.
  • Regroup – Teleport all bodyguards to you.
  • Auto Regroup – Teleport bodyguards to you when they are too far away.
  • Re-Init Group – Force 2Take1 to scan for peds in your group and add them as bodyguards.
  • Formation – Make bodyguards stay by you in a circle or a line. You can set the type of formation.