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Fake Friends#

Fake Friends is an alternative way to join other players. This brand-new feature will trick the game into thinking that a certain player is a Social Club friend.

Players that you add as fake friends may be displayed in your Friends list, allowing you to join them from the Pause menu. The game will treat them as actual friends when they are in your lobby as well. However, they are not actually added to your Social Club friends list; they will not see you as a friend, nor will you see them in the Social Club website.

As of version 2.32.0, VIP users are now able to check whether a fake friend is online, and even get notifications when they go online.

Adding a Fake Friend#

If the player is in your lobby, use the Add as Fake Friend feature. Otherwise, go to Online Tab → Fake Friends → Add fake friend and type the player's SCID.

You may rename or delete fake friends from within 2T1. Changes to fake friends will not be saved automatically; use the Save fake friends feature to do so.

Joining a Fake Friend#

You may join your fake friends through Pause Menu → Online → Friends list. Note that fake friends that were added by SCID will appear in the Friends list by their ID; you may rename them to solve this.

If you are a VIP user, you can join fake friends from within 2T1. Locate the fake friend and move left/right until you see Join, then select it.

Last update: 2021-07-20
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