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Recovery Options⚓︎

RP Loop - Wanted⚓︎

Increase your RP and crew level gradually, by adding a removing a wanted level in a quick succession. Make sure you are somewhere unreachable for cops, such as a tunnel.

Set Character Level⚓︎

Change your RP level to any value that you want, between 2 and 8000.

Set Crew Level⚓︎

Change your crew level to any value that you want, between 2 and 8000.


Unlock several items and stats from the game. Make sure you are level 120 or higher, and use them one by one, otherwise you could corrupt your character.

  • Stat Unlocks – Increase every character skill (such as stamina and strength) to their max value.
  • Tattoo Unlocks – Unlock all tattoos, as well as the awards required to get them.
  • Parachute Unlocks – Unlock all parachutes, backpacks and smoke colors.
  • Rims Unlocks – Unlock all chrome rims, allowing you to set them for free, as well as the awards required to get them.
  • Vehicle Unlocks – Unlock all vehicles and modifications, as well as the awards required to get them.
  • Trophy Unlocks – Unlock all trophies, as well as the awards required to get them. You must be level 120 or higher to use this feature.
  • Hairstyle Unlocks – Unlock all haircuts, facial paints, makeups and contact lenses.
  • Weapon Unlocks – Unlock all weapons and customizations (excluding Mk II variations, RDR2 revolvers and the Ceramic Pistol).
  • Clothing Unlocks – Unlock all clothes and masks, excluding the Casino Heist ones.
  • Doomsday Unlocks – Unlock all Doomsday heists and vehicles.
  • Bunker Research Unlock – Unlocks all Gunrunning content that needs to be researched.
  • Arena Unlock – Unlocks all Arena Wars trophies.
  • Max Agency Safe Daily Income - Sets your agency income to $5000 (You normally have to do 200 missions for this).

Unlock R* Admin DLC⚓︎

Unlock Rockstar Dev T-shirts, and the ability to spectate a session from SCTV. The clothes may be acquired as special T-shirts in a shop.

Clear Bad Sport⚓︎

Reset you bad sport state. Not to be confused with Mental State.

Unlock Gender Change⚓︎

Unlock the ability to modify your character's gender when you access the Character Customization screen (or next time you join GTA Online).

Stats Editor⚓︎

Shared Stats

Our Discord server allows members to share custom stats..

Copy shared stats from the sharing channel and add them to the stats.cfg file (or replace the whole file).

More information below.

2Take1 comes with a huge list of stats, arranged by category. Each stat has a value that you can see and (in most cases) edit. Depending on the type of stat, you will have to toggle them on/off, or type an integer/decimal value.

Note that each stat behaves differently, and while most of the times it is enough to change the value for it to apply right away, sometimes, other steps are required.

For example, the Kill-Death Ratio (KDR) stat is calculated, as its name suggests, from the ratio between kills and deaths. Editing that stat directly is pointless, as it will be overwritten once you score a new kill or death. Instead, you have to edit Kills, then Deaths, and do the math.

Also note that some stats, such as the number of reports, can only be written server-side. 2Take1 contains some "read-only" stats and restricts their edition by default. Even if you bypass these restrictions, editing those stats will be pointless, as they will never be actually saved to your progress.

Custom Stats⚓︎

Be careful!

Be aware that editing the wrong stats in the wrong way could potentially lead to a ban.

The default stats in 2Take1 have been proved to be safe – editing other stats goes at your own risk.

In order to edit additional stats, append them at the end of the stats.cfg file (or replace it as a whole).

Keep in mind that, if you make changes to stats.cfg while 2Take1 is running, you will have to uninject the menu and then inject it back in order to refresh the stats index.

Managing stats