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Popstar Account⚓︎

To use 2Take1, you need a Popstar account. Use the links below to access your account or create a new one.

To create a new account, enter your desired username and email address, and choose a strong password. After you receive the confirmation message on your mailbox, click on the link inside to activate your Popstar account (if the message does not reach your mailbox, check your spam folder or wait around 10 minutes).


It is not possible to change the username or the email address of your account. If you lose access to your mailbox, you could be locked out of your Popstar account.

We will never ask you for your account password. We are unable to reset login credentials regardless of the circumstances.

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Purchase a license⚓︎

2Take1 is a paid product that follows a subscription-based model. With the purchase of a license, you will be able to access the menu for a set amount of time. There are license tiers for 40, 90 and 180 days, as well as lifetime licenses for one-time payment.

2Take1 also comes in two editions: Standard and VIP. 2Take1 VIP includes all the features in the Standard version, plus a set of exclusives. Both versions still include remarkable protections and safety features. Check out the features list to see the differences between each edition.

In order to download and use 2Take1, you need to purchase a license from our certified license seller. Find him in our Discord server under the DM to BUY role and contact him via Direct Message.

You may also purchase a license from a third-party reseller. All our authorised resellers can also be found in our Discord server (they have the @Partner role).

Further information

  • License codes have no expiration date. Your license countdown will start once you redeem it.
  • You don't need to wait for a license to expire before redeeming a new one.
  • A VIP license also allows you to download the Standard edition of the menu.
  • If you have an active license and redeem a license of the same edition, the new license will not start until the previous one expires.
  • If you have an active Standard license and redeem a VIP license, it will become active right away. However, your Standard license will still be active and counting down.
  • Once a license has been redeemed, the license code cannot be used again.
  • Once a license becomes active, it cannot be stopped or frozen by any means.

Redeem your license⚓︎

In the My Account section you will see the following information about your account:

  • The username of your account (required for the Popstar launcher).
  • Your linked email address, on which you will receive password reset confirmations.
  • Your linked Discord UID (only for legacy accounts).
  • Your account token, which allows the staff to verify your ownership of a menu license.

In the My Licenses section, you will see a breakdown of all the menu licenses that have been activated on your account, along with their status.

When you get a license code from your seller, click on the Redeem A Code button and type the code, then click on the icon to activate it. Once active, you can download the menu by either clicking the red button next to the license, or going to the Download dropdown menu at the top.

At this point, you are ready to install the menu and get it running.


Your token cannot be used to gain access to your account. However, do not share it with any individual outside of the staff, as it could be used to gain access to the servers on your behalf.

Installation Guide License FAQs

License upgrade⚓︎

If you have a Lifetime Standard license, you can upgrade it to Lifetime VIP by paying the difference between them, which is 44 EUR. You may purchase an upgrade from Andy or a third-party reseller; during this process, they will request your 2Take1 username.

If you have a Standard license with at least 41 days left, you can upgrade it to VIP for free; you will lose ⅓ of the remaining days on your license after this process. If you have a Standard license that meets the requirement, an Upgrade to VIP button will appear next to it.

Please note that both upgrade processes are irreversible.

License merge⚓︎

If your Standard license has less than 40 days left, you can purchase additional Standard licenses and merge them with your current one. This way, you will be able to upgrade your merged license to VIP.

When you redeem many Standard licenses, a Merge All Standard Licenses button will appear. Please note that this process is irreversible.