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Protections Guide⚓︎

If you are not sure about how to use the protections, event hooks and the modder detection of 2Take1, make sure you follow this guide to the letter.

If you are going to play missions...

Disable the following protections, as they tend to interfere with mission scripts:

  • Block Attachments
  • Block Cage Objects
  • Block Collectible Drops
  • Modder Detection → SE Spam
  • Event Hooks → Script Events → Everything
  • Event Hooks → Network Events → Everything
    (Use the Disable All Net Event Hooks feature)
  • Miscellaneous → Disable Phone Calls

You may create a custom menu profile with all these features disabled. This will allow you to set things up easier when you are gonna play missions.

Default Protections⚓︎

These protections are enabled by default, and will provide you a decent experience with minimal interference with the gameplay.

  • Disable Background Script
  • Crash (Block)
  • Block Script Event Kick
  • Block Reports
  • Block Attach Clusters (Block & Notify)
  • Block Collectible Drops (Block)
  • Block Attachments (Block & Notify)
  • Block Ptfx On You (Block & Notify)
  • Block Cage Objects (Block & Notify)
  • Block Sound Spam (Block)
  • Block Clones (Block)
  • Block SCID Join Detection
  • Block Spectate Detection
  • Notify When Someone Is Spectating Me
  • Notify When Modder Is Detected
  • Enforce ASCII Player Names
  • Rockstar Admin:
    • By SCID (Notify)
    • By Dev Flag (Notify)
    • By IP (Notify)
  • Modder Detection (make sure you are not whitelisting other players):
    • Whitelist Friends
    • Disable Area Local Object Detection
    • Detect Altered Host Token
  • Mission Launch
    • Block Mission Launch (Block & Notify)
    • Whitelist Friends
    • Whitelist Freemode Events