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Modder Detection#

Recommended Modder Detections

If you are not sure about how to use these protection features, make sure you check out the following guide, created by the 2Take1 Tester and Staff team.

Protections Guide

2Take1 is able to detect people who are modding in your lobby, based on certain conditions. Modders will be distinguished as such in the player list, and you are able to block incoming stuff from them thanks to the Block From Modders features.

If you suspect someone to be a modder, you can also mark them manually as such. You may also remove the modder tag from them, but this is strongly discouraged unless you are truly aware of what you are doing.

The menu flags marks as modders based on certain detections, which are always enabled (for example, if your protections block an incoming malicious event from them). However, you may also enable the following detections:

  • Disable Area Local Object Detection

    Certain area objects may cause false positives with the modder detection. Enable this setting to prevent 2Take1 to falsely flag other players.

  • Session Mismatch

    Any player that joins the lobby using a spoofed username or SCID will be marked.

  • Altered Host token

    Host tokens identify your client in the peer network, and spoofing them is commonly used to force oneself as session host. You can see the token of other players in the Player Info Window.

  • Player model change

    If a player changes their model, they will be marked. You should disable this detection during Halloween or similar events, as Peyote plants will cause false positives when this detection is enabled.

  • Super Jump

    Normally, the Super Jump can only be used by the Beast during the related Freemode event. If anyone uses a Super Jump outside of this scenario, they will be marked.

  • Script Event Spam

    Spamming certain Script Events in a single frame could cause the victim to crash. You can set a threshold between 5 and 100 events, although it is recommended to leave the default value (20): lower values would lead to a lot of false positives, and higher values could ignore an actual spam attempt.

You can also whitelist friends from the detection features, so that they are not (wrongfully) marked as modders. Fake Friends will also be whitelisted if they are added to the friends list.

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