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Online Services⚓︎

Personal Vehicles⚓︎

Request any of your personal vehicles from your garages. You can also request the personal vehicle that is currently active (spawned) or return your current vehicle to your garage, as well as claim all personal vehicles that were destroyed without calling Mors Mutual Insurance.

Vehicles in this submenu will be sorted by garage slot and displayed in your game language. You can also search for vehicles by name.

If you experience issues rendering the vehicle names, see Troubleshooting.

Off the Radar⚓︎

Other players in your lobby are unable to see you on their radar while this feature is enabled.

Claim Own Bounty⚓︎

Claim any bounty that is placed on yourself.

Merryweather Requests⚓︎

Request instantaneously certain services from Merryweather, just like you do by calling them.

Bull Shark Testosterone⚓︎

Trigger the effects of BST right away, even during missions or heists (only in GTA Online). You have to wait for the effects to run out before enabling this feature again.

Enable SecuroServ/MC⚓︎

Enable the option to create an Organization or Motorcycle Club in invite-only and friends-only lobbys.


Remove certain cooldowns and punishments:

  • Oppressor Mk II spawn.
  • Easy way out (suicide).
  • Passive mode.
  • CEO ban.
  • VIP works (such as Headhunter).

Disable Out Of Bounds Death⚓︎

Remove scripted deaths that happen when you clip out of bounds in certain areas.