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Legacy Injection⚓︎

No Longer Supported

As of 2.97.1 legacy injection is no longer supported, due to changes made to SocialClub.

Prior to version 2.1.6, the Popstar launcher used to load the game automatically, bypassing the Rockstar Games Launcher. When the Epic Games version of GTA V released, it turned out to be incompatible with this injection method, so it was replaced with the current one.

If you are using the Rockstar or Steam versions of GTA and would like to enable the legacy injection, follow these steps:

  1. Inject the menu once using the standard method and go through the tutorial.
  2. Press F9 to perform an initial save, then close your game and the Popstar launcher.
  3. Edit the following file with the Notepad:

  4. Write this line at the end of the file, then save it:


When you start the launcher for the first time after legacy injection is enabled, it will prompt you for the location of GTA5.exe and store it in PopstarAuth.ini for future usage. If you change the game location, make sure you edit the path to the game executable.

If you want to revert to the standard injection method, remove the newly added line. You may also comment it by adding a ; at the beginning of the line.


  • If you have the Steam version of GTA V, make sure that the Steam client is running, otherwise you will not be able to log into the Social Club services from the game.
  • This method is not compatible with certain overlays and third-party programs, such as Discord in-game overlay.