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Extended Memory Pools⚓︎

Only for advanced users!

Editing memory pools is an advanced task that should only be done by experienced users. Make sure you are 100% aware of its perks and risks before actually doing it, otherwise your game will experience serious stability issues.

Tweaking the memory pools goes at your own risk, and revokes your right to ask for support.

In GTA there are many types of entities that the game handles. Entities are loaded into a memory pool and stay there until the game stops processing them. For example, all the vehicles that spawn in the street are loaded into the vehicle pool, and once they drive far enough from you, they are despawned and freed from memory.

There are many types of pools, and each one has a limit in the amount of entities that can fit; if any of these pools is overflowed, your game will stop working. This principle is commonly followed by mod menus, which are able to make another player crash by sending more entities than their game is capable of processing at a time.1

By default, GTA defines its entity pools as following:

Pool Name Entity Limit
Peds 256
Vehicles 300
Objects 2300
Pickups 73
Script Entities 700
Net Peds 142
Net Vehicles 160
Net Objects 80
Net Pickups 80
Net Pickup Placements 50
Net Doors 20

2Take1 is able to bypass these limits and extend the memory pools beyond them. If done right, this will let your game handle larger amounts of entities without crashing. However, this tweak is a double-edged sword, and must be performed with absolute caution.

2Take1 will increase the script entity pool to 3000 unless you override it in memory.ini.

In order to proceed, create a file named memory.ini in the %appdata%\PopstarDevs\2Take1Menu folder, and fill it with the default values as following:


Then, increase the pool limits as you feel adequate, and once you are done, save the file and restart the game and the Popstar launcher.

Editing guidelines

  • Take note of the physical RAM installed in your computer. You have to make sure that your PC is able to handle the pools that you are going to define. It is also important that you leave a margin in memory, instead of taking it all up.
  • Every iteration of the default memory pools takes around 6 GB in RAM. You can think of them as a 1x multipler.
  • A good way to go is to increase all the pools proportionally (in multipliers). For example, a 2x multiplier would take around 12 GB, and a 3x multiplier would take 18 GB. You can also use decimal iterations (such as 1.5x).
  • Tweaking the pools is mostly a matter of trial and error. You can check out the examples below, but you will be better off testing it out until you find the best setting for your PC.

  1. This is basically how the Entity Spam feature works.