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How to Purchase 2Take1Menu#

2Take1Menu is a paid product. In order to use it, you need to create an account and purchase a license. Your license will become active from the moment you activate it, allowing you to use 2Take1Menu until it expires.

You may purchase a license key from a reseller. All our certified resellers can be found in our Discord server.

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Spitty is our main license seller. Send a Direct Message to him, saying that you want to buy 2Take1Menu, and follow his steps.

Despite having the "bot" tag, Spitty is NOT a bot. When you message him for the first time, he will send you an automated reply with prices and payment information but, from that point, you will be talking to a human person. Read the info carefully and tell Spitty what license (type and duration) you want to buy, as well as the payment method.

Keep in mind that timezones could be different, and Spitty might take some time to reply (usually up to 24 hours). So please, be patient and do not send him tons of messages, otherwise you could be filtered out as a spammer. Stick to providing the information he requests.

Once the payment has been confirmed, Spitty will provide you a license key and an invite to the Popstar Authed server.

Last update: 2021-07-21
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