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How to Contribute#

2Take1Menu and 2Take1Docs rely on the support and feedback of our users. If you want to contribute to the project, there are many ways to do it.

Contributing to 2Take1Menu#

  • Create and share custom content — As you may have seen many times in this guide, our Discord Server allows users to create and share different assets of their own (vehicles, outfits, headers, stats, protections, etc).
  • Report bugs and issues — 2Take1Menu is quite a big project, and is never exent of unexpected issues. By providing every slice of detail about these issues, you're helping our testing and development team fix them for good.
  • Make suggestions, also for Lua — We're always glad to hear from our customers, and see what they look forward to seeing in the menu. Lua developers are also welcome to suggest additional API features for their awesome scripts.
  • Give a helping hand in our Discord server — We have lots of users, many more than Trusted and Staff can usually take care of, and we're always glad to receive some additional help!
  • Upload video showcases to YouTube — You can show new users what 2Take1Menu is capable of, and sometimes even get a trial license to create your content!
  • Become a reseller — If you have enough money, you can invest it by buying large amounts of credit to generate license keys at a reduced price, and then resell them to other users. You can make a good sum of money!

Contributing to 2Take1Docs#

2Take1Docs is hosted and made accessible to everyone thanks to GitHub Pages.
Since the project holds information about unreleased builds and other sensitive content, we can't make the repository public. However, there are other ways to contribute.

  • Find mistakes — Feel free to let Trusted or Staff know if you happen to see a typo, a misleading URL or an incorrect section.
  • Make suggestions — If you think that the documentation can be improved in some way, feel free to let Trusted or Staff know.
  • Create your own documentation — Whether you are a Lua developer with a powerful script, or you have found out something interesting and want to make a tutorial about it, 2Take1Docs can host documentation of your own in the Extra section. Write your page in Basic Markdown and send it to any Trusted or Staff member. If your documentation is related to source code hosted in a remote repository, it's possible to link your documentation to your source.
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