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Crash Dumps⚓︎

If your game crashes after injecting, 2Take1 is able to generate crash dumps with debug information about the context in which the game crashed. Because these dumps contain sensitive information about the engineering of 2Take1, they are encrypted and only devs are able to read them

If you are having issues with 2Take1Menu and followed all the steps in Troubleshooting, send your latest dump in the support channel of the Popstar Authed server, and devs will take a look when they are available.

By default, crash dump creation is disabled. In order to enable it:

  1. Open your menu profile with the Notepad:

  2. Add this line under the [VERSION] section:

  3. Save the file and launch GTA with 2Take1 (or load your profile, in case the menu is already running).

Crash dumps can then be found in this directory, along with their timestamp: